Your biggest stumbling block might just be YOUr mind...
12 "Hidden" Reasons Why You Might Be Frozen With Fear, Spinning In Circles & Feel Like You Never Actually Get Anywhere... And My Hard-Hitting Advice To Release You  Of This Frightening Cycle Permanently!
Dear Friend and fellow Networker,

One of the biggest toxins I see in our industry is the daily struggle so many people have with fear and the feeling that they're constantly spinning in circles because of procrastination.

Frankly, it's an epidemic...

I talk to networkers everyday who are wrestling with it. Some are winning the fight while many, sadly, are either losing or have chosen not to fight at all. They've rolled over, given up on their dreams and decided that it's just too hard.

I know that's not you. If you were a quitter, you wouldn't be reading this right now.
From The Desk Of Ray Higdon
Chances are, you have a strong desire to succeed in your business! walk across that stage and accept your Top Earner award. see the smiles on your children's faces. reap the rewards of all your hard work. have your spouse walk up to you and say, "I am so proud of you!"

Yet, for some reason, you still feel stuck.

You feel afraid to call your leads. You're not sure about approaching that stranger in the coffee shop. I mean, what if they think you're an idiot right?!

You get busy with your day job...busy with your kids soccer practice...busy working on your taxes.

It becomes easy to put building your business off. You decide not to attend that training call. You ignore the calls from your Upline. You "forget" about the weekly meeting because you're just "too busy".

...And, before long, these choices compile and you've become a quitter.

Let's flip the switch to change this right now!

I put together this new hard-hitting audio training and workbook just for you. It's called Straight Talk for Fighting Fear and Procrastination and I honestly believe this will be one of the most transformational audios you'll ever listen to.

That's a bold claim! But I can absolutely guarantee that the ears and mind of the person who listens to this straight shooting audio will be changed.
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"I didn't decide to listen to this because I have fear (I thought), but because I am a professional procrastinator. After listening to your audio four or five times now, I am still deciding how much of my procrastination is from my fear.

When it comes to my taking action at overcoming my procrastination (maybe fear) I have done three MAJOR moves, to me, in the last few days. 

First, called three of the most successful people I know, two of which basically said no thanx but one did already send me two referrals. 

Second, I launched my website that I've been thinking about for years, literally. Third, after many hours of research and learning, I finally took action on some online lead generation just this morning and have four leads already.

Thanx my friend, more to come!"

~ Conrad
"Awesome stuff great content, made me think real hard why I haven't been going forward, why I haven't been getting the results in My life..... ITS ME! 

I am responsible for my worldly success!! I have that magic wand I can make anything good or bad happen in my Life by the way I think and my actions! Fear of looking bad, whew this held me back big time thinking what others would think of me should I fail, fear of the unknown.... 

Should I get into business Will I succeed or fail here.. What people will say! This controlled me for a very Very long time!

Procrastination - omg this is me, Wanting something but not bad enough, not thinking big, small goals making excuses and excuses, like work my current just over broke (JOB) which is very hectic but what am I doing about it?

Complaining and complaining but I am still there, its like insanity doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results... What have I done to change? Zip zero zilch nada and I complain! I can't believe I was this bad!

Now after listening to your audio I felt like "old blue" rrrrr rrrrrr rrrrrr not agitated enough. Ray, this audio has now changed the way I think, has changed the way I am going to operate I thank you so so so much for giving and sharing your wisdom! Don't ever think that you don't deliver - You over deliver! Appreciate you man!"

~ Firoz
Here's what you'll discover in this 44 minute audio & workbook:
  • The 6 "hidden" causes of fear that will likely shock and surprise you. Once you know these hidden triggers that are causing you to feel afraid, you can quickly overcome them and move into action in your business.
  • Did you know that some people actually sabotage themselves because of subconscious fears of having success? Are you guilty of this? You'll get straight talk that will help you diagnose if THIS is what's causing you to stay stuck!
  • How the fear of losing something will actually cause loved ones to say snide remarks and discourage you right at the moment you begin to experience victory. Get this and snarky remarks will bounce off of you like nothing. You'll be so busy enjoying life that you'll never have time to worry about someone else thinking you're getting "too big for your britches" again!
  • The painful truth behind an unsupportive "sour grapes" spouse.
  • Discover the 6 causes of Procrastination - write this list down and pin it in plain view. Every time you start to feel "stuck", take a look at this list and you'll immediately know which of these 6 things are causing you to procrastinate.
  • How to recognize if you're actually blaming someone else for your lack of success, and what to do about it.
  • Do you often wish things could be as good as they were back in your "glory days"? A surprising story of how clinging to the past keeps you from stepping forward into your future.
  • My story of "Old Blue the Bloodhound" (with a great howling impression to go with it)
  • Are you guilty of using your children as the excuse for your lack of business success? Straight talk to parents on how detrimental this is to you and your family. (This one might sting a little bit.)
  • How "non-serving statements" are putting you into a pattern of procrastination and are keeping you stuck.
  • The WORST thing you can say to yourself and others - it's guaranteed to cause failure and you probably don't even realize you're damning yourself by speaking it!
  • The 2 types of stress you should expect to experience in life, AND how to recognize the difference. This is HUGE! Both feel similar, but one is bad & the other is good. Once you can recognize the difference you'll stop being blocked by fear.
  • Are Top Income Earners afraid? An honest behind-the-scenes look that might surprise you...
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