Discover Exactly What To Say To Close More Sales & Recruit More Reps On Social Media!

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Discover these simple, easy-to-remember "scripts" for your next messenger conversation with a prospect...

Jan. 16th @ 8:00PM

8:00 PM EST - 5:00 PM PST
Live Online Event
3 Major Secrets to Making More Money with your Social Media Prospecting
Join us on this action-packed FREE LIVE webinar...
  • Learn 3 little known secrets that once used you WILL more easily recruit and get customers with your social media prospecting
  • Ray Higdon is the co-founder of Higdon Group, recently recognized by as one of America's Best Companies and best selling author will be sharing with you exactly what to say to prospects on social media for maximum results.
What Would You Like to Learn How to Do Most?
What to say to people on Social Media to get them interested in my offer
How to follow up with new prospects and what to say to them
How to be more postured in conversations with my warm market
When to drop a link to my presentation and how exactly to share it

Jan. 16th @ 8:00PM

8:00 PM EST  - 5:00 PM PST
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