"Become A Top Earner Prospecting & Recruiting Machine"
“How To Prospect And Recruit Like A Network Marketing All-Star...This Coming September!”
Learn From the Top network marketing Prospecting and Recruiting Masters this September 16th-18th in Florida...and Make A Massive Shift in your life and business.
During our 3-days of intensive, exciting training, you’ll discover how to…
  • Transform Your income with highly effective prospecting and recruiting secrets to Double, Triple or even quadruple your earnings to 6 figures and beyond.
  • Transform Your lifestyle and get more freedom as you find and attract more people to your team and get them interested in your opportunity.
  • Transform Your status to top earner as you develop the prospecting and recruiting skills it takes to be a top level recruiting machine-even if you have a successful team already.
  • Transform Your persuasion skills as you effortlessly move people from mildly interested to ‘chomping at the bit’ to join your team.
  • Transform Your fear into power and excitement... as you break though what is holding you back from becoming massively successful and living the kind of lifestyle you and your family deserve.

Ever wonder how the leaders in our industry attract so many people to join their opportunity?

Ever wonder how they manage to win all the prizes, rise to the top of leader boards, get on stage, live the lavish lifestyle and make the kind of money you dream of ?

I can answer that question right now.

Prospecting and recruiting mastery

These people at the top of their company leader boards are experts at prospecting and recruiting. 

They have it down to a fine art.

You will too-VERY SOON.

If you’ve been in network marketing for any length of time you’ll realise that prospecting and recruitment are THE KEYS to success-no matter what company you’re in. 

Without the skills to attract, intrigue and ultimately get people on your team...your whole business falls flat on its face. 

Just like it did for me many times in the past...

A Life And Business Transformed By Top Level Prospecting And Recruiting Skills...

Picture this... 

5 short years ago I was in my house- on the phone with yet another team leader from yet another network marketing company.

This was my 11th network marketing opportunity in 3 years.  The rest had all been complete failures. 

Maybe you’ve been in a similar situation?

Have you ever felt really frustrated in the past... ‘Cause no matter what you tried... You were just not succeeding?

That’s how I felt every day. 

It was tough facing friends, family and business colleges with this failure always looming in the background. 

Fast forward to today and...

I barely recognise my life compared to years ago when I was joining my 11th opportunity. 

In the last 6 years...

  • My income has skyrocketed.
  • My coaching clients include top earners like Robert Hollis ($40 million + earner), Cedrick Harris, Kathleen Deggelman, Tanya Aliza, Lisa Torres, Terry Gremaux, Felicia Mupo, Mark Harbert, and many others... 
  • I get asked to speak on stage all around the world 
  • I get to experience a fulfilling lifestyle I could only dream about before.

So what created this transformation?

How Does a Broke Network Marketer On His 11th Company Build A Seven Figure Business, Collecting Rank-Advances, Cars, And Cash And Becoming An In-Demand Speaker Globally?

Simply this... 

‘Getting myself around the right people and learning their prospecting and recruiting skills in person’

I’m talking here about learning from master level prospectors and recruiters in person. 

They always seem to know the right words to say at the right time to attract the right people to their opportunity.

They can tell you EXACTLY how they do it if you meet them in person. 

They move in different circles. 

They share secrets to attracting and recruiting large teams. 

You can listen to their secrets and use them to claim the new life you deserve.

They know what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to prospecting and recruiting...and because of that...

• They end up as top earners 

• They rise to the top of leader boards 

• They see explosive income growth 

• They get asked to speak on stage 

• They win all the company holidays/cars etc. 

Sounds good right?

Then keep reading...

Prospecting And Recruiting Like A Pro... Created My Dream Life... It Will Change Your Life Too...

The last 5 years have been incredible (but it didn't start out that way).

I'm, now, a father of 3..

Jessica and I have:

• Won 11 paid vacations (8 from my network marketing company) Shared the stage with Gary Vaynerchuk, Brendon Burchard, Les Brown, Eric Worre, Tim Sales, Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor, Robert Kiyosaki and many more... 

• Had four separate product launches that did over $800,000 in revenue... 

• Average over 2 million hits a month to my blog 

• Took my wife to Fiji for our honeymoon 

• Earned THREE BMW's

I’m not saying any of this brag.

Just to impress upon YOU one thing...

All this success is possible when you know how to attract and recruit people to your team like the top professionals do.

I’ll show you-how to do that in just a second.

"Ray Higdon is a guy I have watched for years as he has grown in the network marketing profession and someone I respect and see as a big provider of value. His insights on marketing and mindset are extremely valuable to anyone wanting to create success in the
Network Marketing profession"
Eric Worre
Network Marketing Pro
"I have had the pleasure of knowing Ray Higdon as a colleague, a close friend, and a mentor. He lives by a very simple credo - 'Bring as much value to as many people as you can every day... and never stop learning so that you can increase the value that you bring.' One only has to look at his enormous body of work to realize how successfully he lives his philosophy."
Lisa Grossmann
Network Marketing Professional
The Prospecting And Recruiting Summit Is For You If....

✓ You struggle to find prospects to talk to

✓ You struggle to get them to make a decision 

✓You struggle with people who say they need to think about it or talk to their spouse all the time 

✓ You struggle to get them passionate and interested in your opportunity 

✓ You struggle to make enough money to live the life you deserve 

✓ You struggle to get the attention and notice that gets you ahead in network marketing

...And This Is Also For YOU If...

✓  You already have a successful team

✓  You Are dedicated to being a professional network marketer

✓  You want to be a leader in your industry and company

✓  You really want to help others succeed

✓  You want to make your family and loved ones proud

This 3-Day Prospecting And Recruiting Summit Has The Power To skyrocket your income level...

Coming this September 16-18th 2016, we'll be spending a weekend together in beautiful sunny Ft. Myers (at a "swanky" gorgeous hotel/resort looking over Sanibel Island.

‘Myself  and Jessica will be sharing little known prospecting and recruiting secrets that have made us top earners in our companies year after year’

You will discover how we find and recruit people to join our teams and how we grow our business on the back of this recruitment.

We will be joined on stage by key industry leaders when it comes to prospecting and recruiting large lucrative teams.

Here are some of the master recruiters who will help you prospect and recruit like a BOSS.

Check Out Our Amazing Speaker Line-Up!

Brian Carruthers

Prior to becoming the pace-setter for the 300,000+ associates in his network marketing business, Brian enjoyed a successful career in real estate.

“I was working 6-7 days a week, 8 to faint, in real estate. I was making good money, but had no time freedom. When I saw the network marketing model, I recognized there might be a better path for me.

In under three years, by the age of 30, Brian made his first million dollars in his network marketing business. He went on to build an empire that has generated a 7-figure annual income for more than ten straight years. Brian Carruthers has become a “success coach,” helping people to dream again … then helping them to achieve their dreams. He has already helped thousands of his business associates to become successful business owners, get out of the corporate world rat-race, and begin to spend real time with their families doing the things that are really important to them.

Brian loves to help people, and gives of himself to that end every day. What’s special about Brian is that he is still in the trenches with people. He didn’t get to the top and then become a manager of people, but rather he chooses to keep leading from the front by true example. You won’t hear Brian teaching theories he heard from others. Instead you will hear him say, “Here’s what worked that I just did this morning."

Brian sought out the very best in his field and industry, learned from them, then applied those principles and philosophies to develop the fastest growing and most successful team of entrepreneurs in the U.S.

Brian has been touted by national organizations and business publications as the real deal (see Home Business magazine). His three books in the last four years have all become best sellers. Becoming such a success by this young age was not just a dream, it was his expectation.

“What you expect, happens”, adds Brian. Now Brian’s goal is to create thousands of new success stories. “As our profession grows, and the people in it grow, so will their incomes.”

Amani Zein

In 2011 Amani Zein was introduced to the profession of network marketing "through a friend on Facebook "as a business in a box. 

She quit her door to door and waitress job and got started right away. After a couple of “false starts,” she found her home with her current company and became its fastest business builder to reach the rank of Diamond. 

Since then she has been speaking on stages and coaching others on how to change their mindsets and go after the life that they deserve. 

Cedrick Harris

Born and raised in Richmond, Va, Cedrick grew up in a environment that most people wouldn't make it out of. Being trained by "Salespeople" selling things that got him caught up in the wrong crowd, he met a man in a black robe at a young age that changed his life forever. Knowing he couldn't continue to lead that life, he started focusing on direct sales and network marketing and started making a impact on the world.

For the past 20 years, full-time for 10, Cedrick has become one of the most sought after network marketers in the world with a team of over 30k reps spanning numerous countries around the world. Known as the CEO of TTO "Team Takeover" he has a magical ability to affect people from their core which has propelled him in the industry to become a 7 figure annual earner in MLM and a top internet marketer.

Cedrick's vigor in network marketing is seen with the value he delivers to the industry every single day with generic training he provides. With one of the most watched Periscope Channels in our industry, he is definitely a powerhouse that has touched many lives around the world.

His goal in life is defined by his motto... "To Inspire Network Marketers to Connect, Close, and Collect More Checks In Their MLM."

Jessica Higdon

Jessica Higdon started her own home business at the age of 21 years old with no business experience what so ever. after struggling for 6 months with no profit, she decided to turn to Facebook to find customers.

 From following a simple social media strategy she was able to create a 6 figure business from home.

Over the past 8 years her business has evolved and is now a multiple 7 figure empire. She now speaks all over the world training entrepreneurs how to market on social media. 

Jessica went from no husband or kids, to getting married to the love of her life and having a beautiful baby girl, Sabrina. Her business and life have changed drastically since having a little one. 

Her passion has shifted from empowering entrepreneurs as a whole to empowering mom's to live a fulfilled life. 

John Melton

John Melton entered the business world at age 20, hungry and driven to become the best. 

That is exactly what he has done. Today, John is a world-class multi-preneur and a top-producing elite in the network marketing industry. 

He is a highly sought after speaker, coach and trainer, known for his powerhouse Social Media, online and in-home business building and training techniques. 

He focuses on equipping high-performance entrepreneurs to higher levels of success, helping them generate leads and create thriving businesses with predictable results. 

John brings a unique honesty to the business world and trains with humor, wisdom and power that is unmatched!

Diane Hochman

Starting from scratch with homemade how-to booklets and brochures she built a mail order business in the network marketing industry with a health and nutrition company.

Diane Hochman is a 17 year home business veteran who has worked in most every facet of the industry from network marketing to mail order to direct response and affiliate marketing while bringing up her two girls.

She is one of the most prolific recruiters in the network marketing space and one of the most skilled marketers online. 

She is currently the top affiliate with a major attraction marketing training company that has over 105,000 members as well as an author, consultant and sought after speaker on home business topics.
So Simple Anyone Can Master These Techniques
And Change Their Life...

It doesn’t matter how long you have been in our industry or what your level of success.

Literally anyone can use the strategies you’re about to discover to completely change the course of their life and business.

How Fast Will You See The Results...?

After you leave the event you will be armed with new knowledge you can use to grow your team and your income immediately.  

You can also share the knowledge you have with your team- to grow your income even BIGGER.

You will have the skill to get people from mildly interested to really excited and keen to join your opportunity.

Don’t Try To Go It Alone...

Sure you could go out there and try to figure out prospecting and recruiting yourself but it’s so much better to come to an event like this...

Here’s why...

When you’re at an event like this you are hearing strategies for recruiting and prospecting that actually work- directly from the elite network marketers out there.

This is so much more powerful than reading it in a book.

Plus you know the techniques are up to date and are actually working today for top industry leaders.

This will have a profound effect on your business.


Can you see yourself living a different life, having all the holidays, the toys, the cars and everything else you need to create a life that you’ll be excited to wake up for?

·  Imagine NO debt… Debt wiped out in months not years!

·  Imagine owning the car of your dreams (or boat or motorbike)

·  Imagine being invited to speak on stage and signing up people effortlessly after they see you

·  Imagine having more free time and cash than you know what to do with.

·  Imagine the feeling of freedom and security in your life.

After This Event Your Business And Life
Will Be Completely Transformed...

·   You will have a new found ability to attract and get people super interested in your opportunity.

·   You will be able to close them like never before

·   You will have a new found confidence and joy for what you are doing

·   You will grow your team effortlessly

·   You will be able to teach your team to have the same skills as you

·   You will start to experience the life you’re dreaming of

·   You will start win the bonuses and prizes and cars you want

·   You will become a leader in your industry

·   Your business will start to take off

There’s no question – you CAN have almost anything you want but the reality is it takes a new way of doing things...

 Are you looking for changes and willing to do something slightly different to what you usually do, or are you simply going to allow your life to be part of the story that the masses are just sitting back and accepting?

What You Need To Do Right Now To Build A Large Lucrative Team Around You!

·    First you simply need to listen to how top level network marketers are prospecting and recruiting – to build their businesses.

·    Second you need to apply these simply techniques to your business.

·    Third you watch the numbers stack up in your business. You watch your team grow. You watch your income and lifestyle rise.

To really make lasting changes in your life, make more money, and create a better lifestyle and future you simply need to copy what the top people in the industry are doing.

You need to prospect and recruit like the top people are doing.

Before You Grab Your Tickets - Here’s A Sneak Peak At What Myself And Other Speakers Will Be Talking About...
  • The #1 mistake most network marketers make when prospecting and recruiting that STOPS people joining their opportunity...
  • How to stop chasing, and convincing people to join your team-and make them want to join your opportunity even more. ..
  • Warm market rejuvenation: How to reach out to your warm market if you’ve already prospected them to get them open to your opportunity (remember… I had pitched my family 11 different times over the short time span of only 3 years! Yikes!)
  • Getting unstuck: How to overcome the biggest sticking point in your business when it comes to recruiting people and growing your business. You are more than likely completely unaware of this right now...
  • Posturing for more profit: Posturing techniques to deal with objections and rude people and become even more attractive...
  • Communication that generates cash returns: My ‘communication break’ technique completely changes how a prospect relates to you. This is excellent for holding posture and creates more value in you too.
  • The massive difference between network marketing VERSUS traditional sales that will literally save you from failing in your business. And maximise your chances of success.
  • The subconscious reason so many fail to recruit (It’s true…you might actually be setting yourself up for failure and not even know it! Discover and solve this and you’ve unlocked the key to success in your personal business and with those on your team)
  • The almost magic-sentence in recruiting and prospecting that leads to immediate results. YOU will not have heard this sentence before...
  • Rejection handling made easy. Once you use my resistance free rejection handling technique... Rejection will be like water off a ducks back in the future...
  • The insider secrets to mirroring and matching your prospect so they never feel misunderstood or pushed when talking to you. This inevitably leads to more sign-up’s.
  • Maximizing your response: EXACTLY what to say when pitching your business to someone to get the best results possible.

It’s hard to put a value on what you are getting inside this event. Having the power to prospect and recruit like a pro is priceless. It will enable you to build a team no matter what company you are with.

It will enable you to make your income unlimited.

We had to put a price on this event though which starts at just $297.

That’s a fraction of the value you will be taking home from this event. It’s not even the price of one month of groceries or gas.

basic admission ticket
Early-Bird Pricing
  • Event Access Pass
  • Exclusive Event Kit (including your notebook, pen, and other goodies)
  • Prospecting & Recruiting Handbook And Guides
  • Incredible Networking Opportunities With All-Star Network Marketers
VIP admission Ticket
Early-Bird Pricing
  • Everything Included In "Basic" Admission
  • + Special VIP Seating
  • + Complementary VIP Lunch (every day)
  • + Exclusive VIP Cocktail Party (with event stars and speakers)
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