Get Rich Blueprint
- You're About To Discover How To Get Anything You Want In Life Using The Power Of Your "Active Mind"
How To Attract Limitless Amounts Of Wealth While Still Being Able To Enjoy Time With Your Friends & Family And Contributing MORE To The World...
In this 17-Session course, you're going to discover 99% of the "secrets" that I've use to go from dead-broke, in foreclosure, and feeling depressed, to growing a hugely impactful, multi-million dollar company in just 5 years.

I know what it feels like to be in a "hard place" and how to move out of that space and into a place of abundance, wealth... and most importantly... FREEDOM.

This course, should you choose to grab it for this deep-deep discount today, will become your new TOME for wealth creation.
Let's take a look at what you'll get when you invest in the "Get Rich Blueprint" Today:
  • The "scientific formula" for generating endless amounts of wealth and prosperity (and how to easily tap into a "Formless Intelligence" that wants you to be rich)
  • The #1 MOST powerful force in the universe: G__________ (hint: Express this secret on a daily basis and your life will overflow with abundance & opportunities)
  • Why forming clear and definite mental images (and cementing them into your subconscious mind) are the "secret key" to unlocking your wealth-creation abilities...
  • How to ATTRACT riches to you (rather than chasing them endlessly). This is the "easy" way to get rich and keep it...
  • How to apply ACTION to your mental contemplations and visualizations so that attracting wealth becomes nearly effortless (and typically more fun)
  • And MUCH much more...
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This is for you IF...
  • You're looking to create more WEALTH and ABUNDANCE in your life... starting right now.
  • You feel a little (or a lot) of resistance towards building wealth and getting rich
  • You've been struggling for years and years to "get ahead" financially, but you feel like something has been holding you back...
Here's What Other's Are Saying...
"The Get Rich Blueprint has done some amazing things for my life.

I was going through some relationship challenges 
a few years ago and that audio series was a life saver for me. I listened to it while working out, doing dishes, or just relaxing at home.

The book that the product is based on is truly amazing
to begin with, but when combined with your narration and commentary and life stories it brings a fresh perspective.

Thanks for making a great product Ray."

- Steve Troutman 
"Since purchasing Rays Get Rich Blueprint ive discovered beliefs and habits that where keeping me from hitting my income goals for years. Using The Get Rich Blueprint I'm now creating beliefs and habits that have already helped me generate more sales and attract more money to me in my first week. 

Thank You Ray for sharing the blueprint that helped You create true wealth and Im excited to finaly achieve my financial goals."

- Curtis Phelan
"Assignment number two was life changing. I always thought I was confident in myself and in my abilities to be successful. Doing this exercise showed me that I had way too many reasons as to why I couldn't or wouldn't end up being rich and successful. 

I was shocked with how many negative, life sucking statements I believed. It was a slap in my face. Writing "in the past" to begin each of the statements was incredibly powerful and it felt as though I was actually leaving them in the past and moving forward as the confident person I always THOUGHT I was this time knowing it's true. 

Thank you Ray! I needed this more than anything and I didn't even know it."

- Lesa Burgess
"Ray, just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you. Although we don't work together anymore, the value you give on a daily basis continues to inspire me. When I went through your course The Power Mind a few years ago, I experienced a tremendous transformation in my personal and business The Get Rich Blueprint is taking me to a much higher level. 
So grateful I connected with you in 2009. The Universe was guiding me every step of the way! You are an inspiration and a blessing. Thanks for all you do." 

- Anne Theriault
"Over the past few years, I've gone through some things....including losing my home. For me, I think that was definitely the lowest point in my life. Since that time, I've struggled to start my own business and remain consistent in my action of building an online presence.

I've owned the Science of Getting Rich for years but just never took the time to read it. I'm a firm believer that things show up when you need them. And I needed the Get Rich Blueprint.

I can relate to so much of Ray discusses throughout the lessons; but I think what really drives home the messages are the assignments. 

Our thoughts and words have power over our lives. Thoughts create Feelings. Feelings create Actions. Actions create Results. 

Right now this course is forcing me to spend some time on my Thoughts and Feelings. Do some soul searching. Once I'm able to get those two things in line with my vision, I know that I'll be able to remain consistent with my actions of building wealth and creating a legacy.

Thanks Ray.....much appreciated"

- Sherry Miller
"Ray breaks S.O.G.R down chapter by chapter in "actionable steps" to allow a person to more clearly see what may be holding them back from success in not only their business but in their lives as well.

Mindset is a HUGE key for anyone seeking growth, and whether it's personal or business related, Ray's material always delivers incredible value.

If you believe in investing in your mind like myself, you need "The Get Rich Blueprint!"

- James Butzen (Boots)
"I truly believe this program is for people who are serious about changing their mindsets. Ray is straightforward and doesn't sugarcoat things. I could already see my mindset changing after the first audio and assignment. 

By the third assignment I was no longer in denial of the negative mindset I had been hanging onto. I have read and listened to a lot of personal development in the past and thought I was a fairly positive person, but this was like taking off the blinders and finally seeing all the negative opinions of others I had been carrying around with me.

I just finished the week 4 assignment and look forward to the rest of the course."

- Tanya B
Get Rich Blueprint
"If Crafting A Life Of Wealth, Abundance, And Freedom Is Your Goal..."
Then the "Get Rich Blueprint" is exactly what you've been looking for.

In the next 60 seconds, you can be inside this one-of-a-kind course listening to the very first audio and unlocking 'secret after secret' to generating endless amounts of money.

This is a very powerful course.

I can't wait to see you inside,
Ray Higdon
Grab Your Copy Of The "Get Rich Blueprint" Now For Only $49 - LIMITED TIME!

Retails At $197

30 Day Money Back Guarantee!
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