You'll Never Worry About Generating Leads Again When You Discover This Simple Cold Market System That Will Skyrocket Your Sign-Ups!
Right Now You Can Get Inside My "Cold Market Recruiting Blueprint" 
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In this series of videos (over 3 solid hours of training!) I’m going to share with you…
  • What to say to each type of cold market prospect
  • How your tone affects whether they’ll say yes or no
  • My follow-up systems for both short term and long term follow-up
  • 3 things you should always do to prevent you from saying too much
  • And so much more!
Plus Get The "Dealing With Rejection" Guide FREE
When You Take Action Before The Discount Expires, You'll Also Unlock This Exclusive 18-Page Guide On "Dealing With Rejection." When You Begin Applying These Strategies Taught In The "Cold Market Recruiting Blueprint" You Will Certainly Encounter "Rejection." This Guide Will Show You How To Handle It (and even turn it into a "Yes!" in some cases). Get It Now As Our Free BONUS Gift To You!
You’re going to become a “super recruiter” when you master these 4 areas of the cold market:
Module 1: Networking Meetings Blueprint
In this module, you’ll learn my complete system for recruiting people by attending networking meetings. I give you complete scripts for speaking with live prospects, how to follow up, and the #1 thing you want to prevent when working with a cold prospect you’ve met at a networking meeting.
Module 2: Realtors Blueprint
You’re going to learn my simple “BIC” technique and how to use it properly so you can rely on your tools to do the explaining. I’ll also share with you several of the best ways to approach a busy realtor without their red flags popping up all over the place. Plus, you’ll learn a simple technique for using stories to quickly overcome objections right from the start.
Module 3: Restaurants Blueprint
One of the best places to meet new prospects is when you’re out at a restaurant. These people get approached a lot, so it’s important that you understand exactly how to prospect them without coming off as fake or pushy. I’ll show you some scenarios for prospecting both the wait staff and also the owner of a restaurant.
Module 4: Social Media Blueprint
I bring out the big gun in this module! My wife, and social media rock star, Jessica Higdon is leading this module. She’s going to show you some simple ways to seek out cold prospects on several social media networks as well as some good rapport building questions you should ask right from the start. Plus, she shares her simple “4 Part Rapport Formula” that will help you from beginning to the end so you can quickly close new prospects you’ve met online.
Right Now You Can Get Inside My "Cold Market Recruiting Blueprint" 
For Just One Easy-Payment Of
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