The Most Precise FB Messenger Prospecting Training on the Planet!
with Ray Higdon
EXACTLY What to Say (and what NOT to say) To Recruit More Reps and Enroll More Customers Using FB Messenger! Discover How To Overcome Objections, Influence Skeptical Prospects, & Sign Up New Reps With These 15+ REAL-WORLD Facebook Conversation Reviews
Includes 15+ Real-Life Facebook Conversations Reviewed & Tweaked
In these 15+ real-world casestudies, you'll learn how to tweak your conversations and posturing so that your prospects are practically begging you to show them your presentation.
Instantly Actionable Strategies For Responding To & Overcoming Common Objections
How to handle any objections smoothly and without resistance. (If you can melt a prospect’s resistance, such a skill is as good as money in the bank!)
Exact Word-For-Word Scripts That You Can Use In Your Own Conversations
And there’s nothing boring or stuffy about what you’ll hear. Everything can be tailored to your personality.
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