An open letter from Ray Higdon to anyone who needs to master network marketing recruiting and closing...
The EXACT Blueprint For Recruiting, Closing, And Becoming A Top Earner In Your Home Business
It’s kind of unfair, isn’t it?

Everywhere you look in the network marketing industry, there are two types of people. There are a heck of a whole lot of people who struggle for years and years on end. 

They chase every product that promises leads and sales.

They hang on every word of the leaders they follow, rarely (if ever) producing results in their own businesses. 

They stay up all night long, looking for ways to grow their teams and sell their products… 

…and they envy “the others”.

But it’s these “others” who make the network marketing industry the incredible thing that it is. And there are fewer of them. 

These “other” people are geniuses at prospecting. 

They are popular, seemingly-well-liked, and they have massive followings. 

And it’s as if they grow their businesses like magic! 

They appear to know exactly what to say to attract people to them and then close them. 

These people are the ones who win the company trips, live lavish lifestyles, speak on live-event stages, and they get all the attention in the industry. 

The simple truth is that these other people live in a completely different world than the vast majority of network marketers…

…and it’s my humble guess that you want to be just like them.
If You Think They Know A Secret, You’d Be Right.
These master business builders have access to the right information – information they sought for some period of time and eventually found.

And they have been diligent enough to take action on what they have learned.

The problem is that this information on closing and recruiting isn’t always so easy to find…and it’s usually very, VERY expensive.

Look, seven years ago, I was right where you are.

My money was virtually nonexistent. I didn’t feel like my family could be proud of me as a professional, and I really didn’t know what my next career step was going to be.

I had tried network marketing, before. And I had failed miserably.

But then, I decided to give it my dedicated effort. I paid for the right education, invested in my mindset, got mentored, and learned the art and science of recruiting and closing.

After doing all of this for myself and for my business, it didn’t take long for me to become one of those “other people.”

And that’s what I want for you.

I want you to be able to take control of your network marketing business and earn the kind of income that you’ve always imagined you could.

I want you to have access to the same type of high-quality education that I had access to.

And I want you to have a chance to copy – step-by-step – exactly what I have done to become a millionaire in our industry.
You Can Overcome The Main Problem That Struggling Network Marketers Face!
Once you have been in business for a few months, the reality starts to set in that you need a solution to your recruiting and closing woes.

See…for many of us, the idea of approaching people about our companies isn’t that big of a deal.

We love our primary businesses and are excited about the products and/or services we have to offer.
But after you’ve talked to about ten people,
a pattern starts to emerge.
Your prospect needs to “think about it.”
They need to talk to their spouses, first.
They are not so sure that the company is “for them.”
They don’t have the money to invest, right now.
Sound familiar?

These are called “objections,” and while there are variations of them, there are also some hidden truths about them that you might not know.
Taking each objection in the order listed above…
The fact is…most people have already thought about starting a home business.
Also, most married people have broached the idea of being self employed at one time. Spouses talk…and they usually talk about their dreams and desires with one another.
I can strike down the next bullet easily, too, because it’s possible to be highly successful in just about any MLM!
And finally…people tend to find money for whatever it is that they really want. It doesn’t matter if it’s a new car, or a new pair of shoes. All people find a way to spend money on what they value…
…so these reasons to not start working with YOU in YOUR BUSINESS aren’t exactly true.
“I just finished listening to audio #2 in this course and it is amazing! In the second audio Ray will give you some very powerful phrases to say to your prospects that will stop them in their tracks and have them thinking hard and all along making you look powerful. If you’re serious about becoming successful in this industry YOU NEED THIS TRAINING!”
– Gregg Palmer
“I just purchased and have only listened to the first chapter and it is GOLD. I feel lucky to have bought it at your low price. That info is worth triple what you are selling it for. Trust me, I have spent triple and did not get even close to the quality info you provided in only the first chapter. I cannot wait to listen, learn, and apply all your wisdom and knowledge. I know it will help me.”
– Aaron Boe
“I listened to module 2 over and over again, because that is probably where I had my most trouble in dealing with people face to face. You really knew how to sock it to them and leave them with a feeling that you can help them change their lives. I look forward to the rest of the product. I now feel more confident in handling objections than ever.”
– Larry Krakow
*Your results may vary. These results are not guaranteed.
The simple truth is that you don’t know how to close the people you’re trying to recruit.

And not being able to close your prospects is keeping you from stepping into your destiny!
What Can You Do To Overcome The Common Excuses Your Prospects Give You?
The short answer is that you can learn how to soften the vast majority of objections to the point that they no longer matter.

So, here it is. I’d like to offer you the opportunity to reinvent yourself.
Value: $585.00
normal everyday price: $97
*Your results may vary. These results are not guaranteed.
Earlier, I mentioned the “others.”

I also hinted at the fact that only a special kind of person becomes a Master Network Marketing Recruiter And Closer.

And I bet you’re wondering what kind of person that is.

Well…that kind of person would be someone like you!
You want to have the nicer things in life.
You are committed to being a professional network marketer.
You are willing to do what it takes to master the skills you need to grow your business.
Your deepest heart’s desire is to be a leader in both your company AND in the MLM industry.
You have a heart to help others.
You want to make your family proud of your professional achievements.
And most of all, you want to show others that creating 
an incredible life is NOT out of their reach.
Let me share a little warning before I go further.
Once you dig into this training, success is not going to be automatic. You are going to have to put into action what I’m about to share with you…

…but one thing you can rest assured of is that you will be able to take ANY business and grow it with more ease and less anxiety than ever before.
New To Network Marketing? No Worries!
I Don’t Assume You Know How To Sell In This Training…
TOP SECRET! Rule #1 when sharing your opportunity with others is that no one likes to be sold! People generally like to sell themselves.

I learned this the hard way, and I learned it early.

Armed with this knowledge, I put my head down, studied everything I could on building my business, and within five months, I was earning $10,000 per month.

You can have everything you need to know about recruiting and closing in just a few minutes, but before I share details about this training, I want you to see what others have had to say about it.
Here’s What Others Had To Say:
"Module 1 alone is worth the entire course"
- Leigh Ellis
"I'd highly recommend the course just for the first 15 min of Module 1!"
- Anil Gunjal
*Your results may vary. These results are not guaranteed.
I have been training people to be profitable in their home businesses for years.

And the success of my students is not by accident.

You are not going to learn how to simply “sell.”

Instead, you are going to learn how to help prospects sell themselves!

If you are looking to learn powerful skills that can help you to create an amazing lifestyle for years to come, “Top Earner Recruiting Secrets” can arm you with the ability to do exactly that.

Here are the fine points of this program: Four, power-packed audio trainings that give you the passport to recruiting and closing like a boss.
Audio #1
Why Use Questions & Vision Booking
The ONLY type of sentence that gives consistent results when used properly. (This strategy, alone, can boost your recruiting by 2 people per month!)
Example scripts that you can use immediately. (And there’s nothing boring or stuffy about what you’ll hear. Everything can be tailored to your personality.)
Undercover mindset strategies that help you think like and attract leaders into your business. (You become who you spend your time with, so it makes sense to be surrounded by like-minded people on your team.)
Homework that will force growth in you and your business. Recruit and close like never before. (You get to put what you learn into practice, right away, and measure your recruiting and closing growth as time passes!)
BONUS: How to create a vision book for what you want to have. (If you can envision your goal, you have something tangible to work towards…and people with goals they can “see” tend to reach them more often.)
Audio #2
Powerfully Driving and Accepting Bonuses & Commissions
A daily routine that will guarantee your productivity. (It’s commonly said that a person who fails to plan s also a person who plans to fail. This is true!)
A foolproof strategy to help your prospects put their pain in the past while simultaneously looking forward to success – with YOU! (If you do well at this, your prospect will be begging to join you.)
How to handle any objections smoothly and without resistance. (If you can melt a prospect’s resistance, such a skill is as good as money in the bank!)
How to access the most important mindset methodology needed to increasing your income: Money Acceptance. (If you have ANY trouble accepting money, you will always limit your ability to earn.)
Homework that will turn you into a consultative, money-accepting machine! (You get to perform specific actions that turn you into a leader from the inside out.)
BONUS: How to write powerful affirmations. (It’s amazing the progress you make when you agree with yourself and stop self sabotaging!)
Audio #3
Persuasion, Attraction Marketing & Leveraging
Learn to completely grasp the ability to Mirror, Match, Pace, and Lead others. (These are strategies of influence that most people never learn. Perfect these, and watch your communication skills improve in EVERY area of your life!)
Become a Ninja with persuasion tactics that help you become a more powerful leader and trainer. (It’s shocking how few ever learn to persuade for the benefit of their team and prospects. When you learn how to do this, you’ll have people falling all over themselves to join you and be around you. This is the “relational technology” behind why servant leadership often leads to people reaching guru status as home business owners!)
How to permanently get out of the realm of the “spooky” with attraction marketing, captivating the right kind of people. (Attraction marketing is a real thing, and there are strategies that flat-out work. I’ll teach them to you, here.)
Homework that helps you fine-tune your new skills of communication, persuasion, and attraction. (Watch your entire life shift in an even more positive direction as you perfect the art of servant leadership!)
BONUS: Crafting a vision for who you want to BE. (It’s one thing to have a beautiful lifestyle. It’s quite another to transform into the greatest version of yourself. This is an intense audio.)
Audio #4
Prospecting, Test Closing & Building Your Empire
Goof-proof prospecting. (Now that you know how to close anyone, you get to learn how to find anyone!)
Exactly what to say or write when someone is pitching you THEIR business. (A guest trainer teaches you how to turn the conversation back to your business and make the one who is pitching you want to join YOU, instead.)
How to “test close.” (You can actually close before you close. This is arguably the most reliable recruiting concept you can have at your command.)
The advanced way to handle objections. (Now that you know how to overcome your prospect’s objections, you can learn how to go deeper and diffuse even the most complex resistance.)
Homework that puts you on the path to crafting a celebrity-level network marketing experience for yourself and your growing team. (This is where you dig into what it takes to go from building a business to creating a legacy.)
BONUS: How to build an empire. (This speaks for itself.)
Clearly, this is a lot of value that you are getting, and it would be completely fair if this product cost $200.

But here’s the thing: I really do want to help you, and I understand that it takes a lot of work to go from inexperience in owning and building your home business to proficient network marketer.
“Hey Ray just wanted to thank you for your recruiting secrets audio course! It’s absolutely amazing stuff!!! I was struggling so long in my Network marketing career and I know that now my struggle will come to an end! I love especially how you show us how to overcome objections! This has been an issue for me in so many presentations! I will for sure pass this training on to my team and am excited about helping so many people with your help!

Love your work and am very grateful for your contribution you give to all the NM Profession! See you at the top!”
– Alexander Rosined
Professional in Community Commerce
“I just completed Ray Higdon’s Top Earner Recruiting Secrets course and it is fantastic. I have purchased several of Ray’s other products and seen him speak multiple times, and honestly, I believed this course would re-iterate previous material. Listen to things I have heard before and just hoping to get one new nugget of MLM wisdom. I WAS WRONG!!! This course is loaded with some advanced prospecting strategies and techniques that are going into my prospecting tool belt ASAP.

Specifically, Ray gave me the psychology of an average prospect. How to break the ice with rapport and powerful language. How to quickly identify their needs and be a more effective communicator. Even though I am not in Ray’s network marketing opportunity, I truly value all of his training and he has inspired me to be a better leader and person within this industry. This course is proof of that fact. Thanks RAY!!!”
– Gerry Eddins

Got the MP3s just a few days ago. This course is about as pointed and focused as you can get! Back in High School I was a huge fan of “Cliff Notes” since it gave the crucial info at your finger tips right where and when you needed it. These are the “Cliff notes” to recruiting. You have put into 4 concise recordings what many other trainers put into 10 CDs.

This series is extremely practical and actionable information that I have already been able to immediately implement. Using your exact approach, I was able to sponsor a new person within 24 hours of my first listen. Thanks for putting this out. Two thumbs up, brother!”
– Dave Ludena
*Your results may vary. These results are not guaranteed.
So, I’m going to Offer You
All of The Audios and Bonuses
No games. No fluff. No hassle.
All you invest is just $27 to change the trajectory of your entire life and master the skill of recruiting and closing into your network marketing business.
I’ll even throw in a bonus that is worth twenty times the value of this training, alone!
Value: $585.00
normal everyday price: $97
Listen in on a live, one-hour training with Ray as he answers some common-yet-complex recruiting and closing questions from a mastermind group.

Nothing is held back, and Ray shares solutions to common issues that ALL network marketers face as they build their businesses!
Regular Price: $197
Price With Today’s Purchase:
If you are ready to stop having a hassle with growing your business…

If you are ready to become a magnet for others who are in need of leadership…

If you want to be able to close anyone, confidently while smoothly side-stepping objections…

And if you are at a place in your life where you want entrance into that inner circle of top-producing network marketers…

Click the “Add to cart” button to get started.

The best years of your life await.
*Your results may vary. These results are not guaranteed.
Value: $585.00
normal everyday price: $97
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