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Meet Ray Higdon...

I remember being in a place where nothing worked, no matter how hard I tried when I first started my network marketing career. Then I got better, studied a few books, surrounded myself with mentors who made me stretch my beliefs and I started seeing results - it wasn't magic (which is what I thought)!

I went on to become the #1 earner and achieve the top rank in my company with everything I had learned. After several years everyone started asking me how I did it, some of them became my first coaching clients.

Then I went on to start an Inc. 5000 training company, The Higdon Group, become a best selling author and create Rank Makers where myself and team coach thousands of people in the network marketing profession from those just starting to earning multiple 7 figures.

My passion is helping others overcome obstacles and roadblocks that are not allowing them to create the life they want to be living by focusing on 3 core areas: wealth, relationships and faith! For those who qualify I'd love to work directly with you, just fill out the form below!

Why do you need a Coach?

Coaching is an investment in your business and yourself; not an expense. It's been proven over and over again that individuals who invest in coaching dramatically impact their business. Even the most successful people in the world hire mentors and coaches because they know that only through new actions can they create different results.
  Learn how to generate online and offline leads
  Develop the "power mind" mindset
  Build a personal brand online by blogging and using social media effectively
  Become an excellent communicator
  Implement attraction marketing
  Learn closing strategies to recruit effortlessly
  Learn a daily method of operation to leverage your time
  Access to our online digital learning library anytime you want (24/7)
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Here's What People Are Saying About Working With Ray Higdon and His Coaches...

Since joining Inner Circle, my personal business has grown 130%, and this month alone I've been able to bring in 4 new teammates and 6 new customers.

Agi M.

Just have to say that being in Inner Circle with personal coaching has been amazing! In 60 days I have brought in more customers than all of last year. That's called results! 

Allison D.

Before joining Inner Circle I was very scattered and had a very low self-esteem, non-existent on social media. Since joining IC I have done a live daily for 665 days straight (before getting COVID), rank advanced twice, earned a company incentive trip for the first time, and increased my team from 30 to almost 300+.

Ida B.

I just want to give a shout-out to the coaches on Ray's team... I have gotten more value and understanding from this training program than from anything else I have been a part of. Quality plan and simple with tremendous integrity. You are all appreciated for all you do! Thanks!

Leslie H.

So much gratitude for 100K Inner Circle. It was totally worth the investment in myself. Last month I ranked up for the 1st time in over 2 years. Totally due to Inner Circle one-on-one coaching. I finally learned "what the work" is that I should be doing. 

Celia G.

Best. Decison. Ever. I'm super confident I've shaved years of frustration and stress off the process. It's beyond worth the investment. 

Michelle C.
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