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00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
We Help The Network Marketing Leader
Greatly Reduce Their Frustrations
& Improve Their Production
Overcome "Leader-Specific" Challenges & Accelerate Your Team Growth
(without attracting drama or sacrificing more time and energy than you've got)
Leadership Strategy / Discussion Training Each Week 
This exclusive group contains trainings not offered anywhere else to solve your specific leadership challenges so you can grow your team faster with much less friction
Network With Our Community Of Elite Leaders
Get input and insight from individuals like you at a similar level and benefit from hundreds of years of network marketing experience at your fingertips in just minutes
A Safe Place For Taboo Conversations
Get answers to the questions you just can't ask in public groups or among your team. Finally, get high-level solutions to challenges that only our Leaders League understands
Opportunity To Gain Access To Top Earner Club Trainings
Our very highest level of coaching is our Top Earner Club which is an investment of $25,000+/year. Leaders League members gain access to some of the training we do for them that's not available elsewhere 
Be Recognized As An Influential Leader
Share your knowledge and value and you might be featured in our monthly group trainings! Plus learn from others and collaborate on ideas to build unique friendships with other leaders
Let Us Help YOU Become The Next Top Earning Leader In Your Company!
Here's a sneak peek at some of the topics and questions we tackle in Leaders League:
  • How To Ensure You Recruit Recruiters
  • Tips For Onboarding New Reps
  • How To Get Higher Quality Leads
  • How To Make Sure Your Leaders Are Strong And Inspirational To Their Team
  • Stop Being Frustrated With Your Team And Instead Use These Three Words
  • How To Think About Duplication If Your Company And Income Is Down
 New Bonus: Have a pressing question you want your entire team to hear the solution for? Now you can submit one team question and Ray will record a personalized video specifically for your team and you'll get a link to share where ever you'd like! - $197 Value
When you join today, not only will you get priceless applicable insights on being a better leader, we'll also ship you out our official Leaders League swag box:
 DISCLAIMER: Sporting this swag may cause spontaneous interest in hearing more about your business!
  • Inside this swag box, you'll find a super-soft, fun, and "head-turning" t-shirt that's a great conversation starter. 
  • A high-quality journal and pen to take notes in, write out your gratitude, or even plan out team contests. 
  • A stainless-steel tumbler and straw to keep your favorite beverage hot or cold.
  • A slim portable phone holder that doubles as a charger with a built-in power bank.
  • And two copies of Ray's best-selling book 'Freakishly Effective Leadership For Network Marketers'
This Leaders League branded swag is not sold anywhere online and would cost you over $100 to have it delivered, but we're throwing it in for free when you join today!
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Plus - We're Also Throwing In A Pre-Loaded MP3 Player With 58 "Leader Specific" Trainings Done By Ray!
What Leaders Have To Say About Ray
Lisa Grossmann
Network Marketing Leader
I have had the pleasure of knowing Ray Higdon as a colleague, a close friend and a mentor. He lives by a very simple credo — “Bring as much value to as many people as you can everyday… and never stop learning so that you can Increase the value that you bring." One only has to look at his enormous body of work to realize how successfully he lives his philosophy.
 Advanced issue found
Kathleen Deggelman
Network Marketing Leader
With Ray and Jessica Higdon, I didn't just find one mentor but two. Ray and Jessica have helped me to become a better network marketer, a better person. My favorite thing they have taught me is to provide value on a daily basis. My team has benefited tremendously because of our relationship too because my team training system is where it is today because of Ray and Jessica. They're the best!
A Message From Our Founder
Ray Higdon
Founder, Higdon Group & Creator, Leaders League
Let me ask you a question... How do you feel about your leadership?

Is it perfect with zero room for improvement? Do you have zero frustration and feel like the perfect amount of people in your team are rocking??

If you answered yes to those questions, then Leaders League is NOT a fit for you (but congrats anyway!)


Do you realize that there is always room for improvement, that maybe there are things that are frustrating in leadership that need to be addressed but maybe you don't know exactly how to handle them?
If you have teammates that are making you want to pull your hair out, let me give it to you straight...

You teach people how to treat you.

Now, before you get defensive (or am I too late?), there are ways to deal with difficult personality types that actually serve them while also greatly reducing your frustration AND increasing the production of the team!

We have been coaching and working closely with 6 and 7 figure earners in the Network Marketing space since 2013 and have helped MANY leaders not only create more results but also greatly reduce their stress levels (and create more joy in their life, remember desiring that when you started??)

We have created a special leaders only community to tackle the unique obstacles and challenges today's leaders are facing and as we have helped so many in the past few years, we know we can also help you.

If you want to: 
 - Reduce your frustration
 - Increase your results and the results of your team
 - Make a bigger impact
 - And just feel better about this whole "leading a team" thing

We encourage you to join us in the Leaders League!
Join Leaders League Today!
  • Leadership Strategy / Discussion Training Each Week
  • Network With Our Community Of Elite Leaders
  • A Safe Place For Taboo Conversations
  • Opportunity To Gain Access To Top Earner Club Trainings
  • Be Recognized As An Influential Leader
  • Personalized Team Question Video From Ray - $197 Value
  • Plus Official Leaders League Swag Box Valued At Over $100
  • Limited Time Bonus #1: LIVE Q&A Session With Ray For New Members - $297 Value
  • Limited Time Bonus #2: MP3 Player Loaded With 58 Leader-Specific Training Audios From Ray - $197 Value
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