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February 9th-11th, 2018 in Orlando, Florida
A Time-Sensitive Invitation For Ambitious & Highly Driven Network Marketers ONLY:
“How to Become a Top Earner in Your Network Marketing Company”
You Will Discover How to Become a Top Earner in Network Marketing from Top Earners Who’ve Already Done It Themselves!
Join Us at Top Earner Academy LIVE to Discover What’s Working TODAY in 2017 to Recruit More Reps & Customers, Generate Leads, Build Your Team, and Climb the Ranks of Your Network Marketing Company
Best Part: These Strategies and Techniques Are Proven to Work in ANY Network Marketing Company… GUARANTEED!
If you’re worried this might be one of those “motivational” events that are all fluff… and tired-old “You Can Do It!” sermons…
…let me put your mind at ease.
We’ll have LOTS of fun, we always do… But this is a serious step-by-step training… a true Academy on how to make it to the highest earning peaks in this industry. This isn’t a “sales guru” event where everyone skims the surface but never goes deep! Bring a stash of notepads and pens because this is as deep as it gets! You see, now more than ever…
We live in an evolving world…
What Worked Last Year…
Necessarily Work This Year…
As trainers who have actually used social media to build our networking business to Top Earner status… we know you have to adapt to constant changes, or your income will suffer.

That’s why we are so excited to give you an URGENT UPDATE about what you can do today to see your business grow tomorrow…

For 3 memorable days… we’ll pull out all the stops to take you to a whole new level in your business… and in your personal development.

Expect a complete Top Earner Transformation!
"Take Your Rightful Place Among Our
Industry’s Superstars And Discover…
How To Become The Top-Earning & Highly
Respected Leader In Your Company"
If you’re done struggling…

…and ready for everyone in your company to finally know your name…

…then you’re on the right page at the right time.

Because this is your time-sensitive invitation to join us for an intimate and exclusive 3-day workshop streaming to you LIVE from sunny, warm, Orlando, Florida…
You’ve Never Experienced An Intimate 
Meeting-Of-The-Minds Quite Like This…
Behind closed doors…

The world’s most action-oriented networkers are coming together once more to discover what Top Earners are doing in 2017 to generate massive business growth.
Our Step-By-Step Workshops Attract Students & Future Top Earners From All Four Corners Of The Globe…
 Ebele and Chuma jumped on a 12 hour flight from Nigeria…
 Slobodan from Serbia and Lee from the UK flew a combined 20 hours so they wouldn’t miss a thing.
 Some Australian networkers even happily endured a day-long 22 hour flight all the way from down under!
 Distance does not have to be an obstacle…
"Ray Higdon is a guy I have watched for years as he has grown in the network marketing profession and someone I respect and see as a big provider of value. His insights on marketing and mindset are extremely valuable to anyone wanting to create success in the Network Marketing profession"
Eric Worre
Network Marketing Pro
"I have had the pleasure of knowing Ray Higdon as a colleague, a close friend, and a mentor. He lives by a very simple credo - 'Bring as much value to as many people as you can every day... and never stop learning so that you can increase the value that you bring.' One only has to look at his enormous body of work to realize how successfully he lives his philosophy."
Lisa grossmann
Network Marketing Top Earner & Coach
"Ray Higdon's events are very different than other trainings we attend. Yes he still has all of the motivation and inspiration but way more content and strategy focused training. You will learn more in one day than most seminars in 3 days!"
John & Nadya Melton
Network Marketing Professionals
"I attended Ray Higdon's event and was totally blown away. It was the perfect combination of technical how-to training, easily to implement strategies, and motivation and inspiration. I left the event with a clear plan of action on what I needed to do next to build my personal brand, and the motivation I needed to actually follow through. Anyone looking to take their business and life to the next level should strongly consider attending one of Ray's events. Within one year of attending my first ever Ray Higdon event I increased my income by over 500%!"
Bob Heilig
Network Marketing Professional
It’s time for YOU to experience
your top earner transformation
This is the ONE AND ONLY event in the world where you are taught in detail the offline AND online strategies that ACTUALLY work NOW for network marketers…

And this is NOT an event for someone who merely wants to make a $1,000 or less per month in Network Marketing…

This is for the person who truly wants to rise to the top of their company’s compensation plan. If you are ready to never again attend your company event at the same rank, and you are ready to completely transform your network marketing story…

Get yourself and as many of your teammates to this event, and allow us to show you the secrets. We can't wait to see you there!
Your Hosts & Lead Trainers:
A message from
Ray Higdon
How My Top Earner Transformation Happened
& How You Can Experience Yours!
When I was first introduced to network marketing I thought it was awesome but I still failed in my first 11 companies. :'(

I had to go through a lot of obstacles before I found “that switch.” At Top Earner Academy Live I’m going to share with you how to “flip your switch.”

It wasn’t all unicorns and rainbows.

When the realestate market changed, I was financially whipped out and went into personal foreclosure.

I made one profound change in my mindset that gave me a “top earner transformation” that I’d like you to experience for yourself.

That transformation has put me on stage with Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor, Gary Vaynerchuck, Les Brown, Robert Kiyosaki, Eric Worre, and many more.

That top earner transformation also helped me become the #1 income earner in that same network marketing company that I joined when while in foreclosure, where we generated well over a million dollars in commissions.

Becoming Top Earners has helped us earn 11 paid vacations… even a BMW 7 Series worth over $100,000.

It also helped me to become a 3 time best selling author and even helped us to get our coaching and training company recognized on the inc 5000 list.

And now I want to pass this power over to you!
A message from
Jessica Higdon
How My Top Earner Transformation Happened
& How You Can Experience Yours!
"I started in network marketing when I was 21 years old. I had no warm market, no business experience and no confidence what so ever....

My friends were all broke - and my family thought I was nuts! (I'm sure some of you can relate...)

I didn't sign up a single person for 6 months, and seriously thought about quitting my business. 

I remember crying...

thinking to myself that I wasn't meant for great things, that I'm a failure and that I'll never amount to anything if I keep doing what I'm doing. 

The Frustration was so overpowering. I felt like I had no direction and was spinning in circles. 

Then a friend told me about social media and how people were using it to make money - I was intrigued, but still skeptical. 

I thought social media was a place to tell people what sandwich you ate that day - NOT business...

But I decided to look into it anyway, and long story short I found a simple.. step by step system to 
recruit LEADERS on social media, not just anyone. 

I ended up recruiting over 250 people into my last company, reaching my first 10k month and becoming
the #1 Female Income Earner with that company! 

If I can do it - so can you.. trust me...

I plan on diving deep into this strategy at Top Earner Academy.
General Admission Ticket
A VERY Limited Amount of Tickets Available
  • FULL 3-Day LIVE Event Access Pass
  • Exclusive Event Kit (including your notebook, pen, and other goodies)
  • Your Custom "Top Earner Academy LIVE" Workbook
  • Incredible Networking Opportunities With All-Star Network Marketers
We’ve hand-picked a select group of Top Earner trainers… ready to coach you up in the Top Earner actions that will take you to the very top.
Meet Your Elite Brain-Trust
Of Top Earner Coaches…
Nicola Smith Jackson
Nicola Smith Jackson is a wife, mother of 4, and a former hair stylist that has created a Network Marketing Success story that is legendary. 

She is one of the few that made over a million dollars in commissions her FIRST year in Network Marketing AND has built teams of over 300,000 people in 30 countries.
Nicola Smith Jackson's Topic: How to use Taprooting to Create the BIG Momentum in your Team
Larry & Taylor Thompson
With over 40 years of experience of direct sales and network marketing industry, Larry Thompson, has vast experience in maintaining longevity of direct sales organizations over long periods time and has been directly responsible for the training and motivation for thousands of people who have made millions of dollars over the last 40 years.

The training concepts developed by Mr. Thompson have been taught on every continent and in multiple languages for the past 30 years.

Today, Taylor Thompson, works with single parents and couples who are willing to do the work necessary. She teaches the importance of keeping the focus on your daily method of operation (DMO) and on being teachable. She also teaches how to bring value to the lives of others and how to have a strong business and be successful no matter what. 

Larry & Taylor Thompson's Topic: The Six Pillars to Become a Network Marketing Millionaire 
John & Nadya Melton
John and Nadya Melton are 7-figure earners, 15-year Network Marketing veterans and are currently at the top position in their company.

They built a following on Facebook of over 75,000 and have personally recruited over 1,500 people in their career.

John & Nadya will teach you how to attract more prospects, acquire more customers, recruit more people in less time and create your home business empire with Social Media.
John & Nadya's Topic: Exactly, Step by Step how to Use Facebook Groups to Convert Prospects to Customers and Teammates
Lisa Grossmann
Lisa Grossmann is a multi-million dollar earner and sought-after consultant, trainer, speaker and thought leader within the Network Marketing profession.
Lisa Grossmann's Topic: The Keys to Building your First Team of 10,000 people
Michael Odumewu
Your Master of Ceremonies (MC)
General Admission
A VERY Limited Amount of Tickets Available
  • FULL 3-Day LIVE Event Access Pass
  • Exclusive Event Kit (including your notebook, pen, and other goodies)
  • Your Custom "Top Earner Academy LIVE" Workbook
  • Incredible Networking Opportunities With All-Star Network Marketers
The Schedule
In Session (Day 1)
Break for Lunch
End of Sessions
In Session (Day 2)
Break for Lunch
End of Sessions
VIP ONLY Cocktail Party
In Session (Day 3)
Break for Lunch
End of Sessions
 Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld® in Florida, USA
How To Get Here:
 Orlando International Airport (MCO)
Alternate transportation: Mears Shuttle Service; fee: 20 USD (one way) ; reservation required
Estimated taxi fare: 40 USD (one way)
About This Luxurious 4.5-Star HOTEL:
You'll be welcomed with modern accommodations, family-friendly amenities and a prime hotel location just across from SeaWorld®. 

Relax in one of the spacious rooms or suites, and enjoy plush bedding, modern bathrooms, in-room mini-fridges and more.

Children of all ages will be thrilled with R Aqua Zone, our on-site waterpark; adults can enjoy a cocktail by the pool or a pampering treatment at the spa. 

The hotel offers a wide range of excellent dining options, from a Japanese sushi eatery to a casual American restaurant - as well as the world's best soft serve ice cream at Toppers Creamery. And the resort's perfect location enables you to explore International Drive and much more.
If you have any trouble feel free to contact our amazing support team at [email protected] and they'll help you as quickly as super-humanly possible.
General Admission
A VERY Limited Amount of Tickets Available
  • FULL 3-Day LIVE Event Access Pass
  • Exclusive Event Kit (including your notebook, pen, and other goodies)
  • Your Custom "Top Earner Academy LIVE" Workbook
  • Incredible Networking Opportunities With All-Star Network Marketers
Bring Your Ambition & Determination…
Leave As An Inspired Leader…
…Armed With The Complete
Top Earner Blueprint You Need To
Make All Your Dreams Come True…
The time is now.

Join us on February 9-11th, 2018 in sunny Orlando, Florida!

Let’s do this…

Ray & Jessica Higdon
P.S. If you’re looking for another “rah rah” event where the motivational effects fade away the next day… this is not the event for you.

However, IF you want to leave with… your mind on fire with all the new Top Earner strategies we shared with you…

…hope exploding in your heart at everything that’s become possible for you and your family…

Because you just hung virtually “shoulder-to-shoulder” with an elite brain-trust of the sharpest networking minds on the planet… who gave you the exact practical steps you need to dominate your company’s leaderboard…

…then don’t wait and let someone less deserving claim your spot… secure your seat now!
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