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Tarek El Moussa
Tarek El Moussa is a well-known TV Star currently staring in a show on it’s 8th season with over 15 million viewers and ranked #1 cable show in its time slot. In addition to successfully flipping hundreds of properties, he is a successful real estate investor with a portfolio of 100 properties, a wholesale real estate company, a home flipping educational seminar company and a production company.

A two-time cancer survivor, now cancer-free, Tarek now donates his time and energy to a number of cancer focused charities, bringing awareness and aid to those in need.

Tarek’s number one priority is being a hands on dad and spending time with his two children, daughter Taylor and son Brayden.

Having gone broke after making his first killing in real estate sales, Tarek paid his proverbial dues of having to slum it in his parent’s garage. In the time period between sleeping next to the family station wagon and cans of paint, he went back to his habitat of being a student of all things business- related and devised a plan to rebuild his wealth.

Through his drive and the generosity of friends, family and business mentors, Tarek landed back on his feet and became a multi-millionaire. He will never forget the generosity of the people who helped him and in turn has vowed to pay it forward and help others succeed.

In addition to regularly being seen on HGTV, Tarek comes into millions of homes through the media. Total media impressions, per month average over 400,000,000.
Ray & Jessica Higdon
Ray and his wife Jessica are the founders of the Higdon Group, a leader in the sales and training industry and an INC 1000 company.

Ray is a three time best selling author represented by the #1 non fiction agency in the world DUPREE Miller who reps such folks as Joel Osteen, Dr Phil, Grant Cardone and Tony Robbins. He is the co-host with his wife of the soon to be released reality show PLAY to WIN and has shared the stage with thought leaders such as Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, Bob Proctor, Gary Vaynerchuk, Magic Johnson and more.

Ray and Jessica teach the exact strategies that helped them become number one income earners in a network marketing company.

They also launched Rankmakers back in 2017 which has helped create more than 5700 rank advancements for Network Marketers.
Kim Garst
International best selling author, keynote speaker and one of the world’s most retweeted people among digital marketers, Kim Garst is a highly-sought after marketing strategist.

Forbes named her as one of the Top 10 Social Media Power Influencers. Kim has provided social and digital marketing advice to some of the world’s top brands like Microsoft, IBM, and Mastercard, as well and hundreds of influential business leaders on digital and social media business strategies.
Hank Norman
Hank Norman is a modern day media mogul. After leaving his cushy job as Director of Development and Syndication at ABC Disney, he saw the opportunity to help people get attention and get paid using the media.

For more than 25 years Hank has been creating TV and media stars, working with more than a thousand of today's top experts, personalities and celebrities from Barbara Walters and Steve Harvey to Grant Cardone and Judge Jeanine Pirro. Hank has also helped launch cable networks like Oxygen, The Grant Cardone Network and the daytime talk show "The View".

Hank is going to share how to think bigger in regards to all your media to grow a more commanding brand.
Diane Hochman
Having been in the home business industry for nearly 20 years, Diane Hochman has become one of the biggest names in the internet network marketing arena.

She has created more than 7-figures online while raising her two daughters from home. Diane is an attraction marketing expert who has impacted the lives of thousands of network marketers with her ability to create team culture.
Nicola Smith Jackson
A servant leader who never forgets her humble beginnings, Nicola Smith Jackson was born in Hartford, Connecticut to immigrant parents, her journey began 10 years ago as an overworked hair stylist, wife and mother of 4 children and 1 disabled with a desire to be home with her family.

Having buried 3 children and keeping GOD and FAMILY FIRST, she turned her pain and life lessons into a passion for helping people. Within her first full year in network marketing, she made her first million.

An entrepreneur, author, radio host and well sought-after speaker, she has already hit highest in rank in her current company. 

In keeping with her passion to help others, Nicola founded the Pink Millionaire Club where she helps women to connect the dots between the haves and have-nots in creating their first million. 

Nicola will be sharing with you some of her proven POWER Formula that will redefine what's possible in the realm of financial success and abundance!
Angel Fletcher
Angel Fletcher is one of the most influential and successful women in network marketing having hit the top rank in her company in just 364 days.

Like many, Angel sometimes felt the opportunity to have a better life was always just out of reach. Her turning point came at a Thanksgiving dinner when Angel's mother noticed changes in her that she didn't even recognize herself. 

Empowered to become the person she knew she could be, Angel now is inspired to help people become the best versions of themselves by acknowledging their own strength, power, and influence.

She is considered to be the greatest mind in the industry when it comes to growing organizations through Facebook groups and she'll share her incredible secrets!
Dana McGrady
Dana McGrady is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, top network marketing leader and Field Advisory Board Member for her company.

She is a powerful & magnetic coach, mentor, mama of three little ones. She is a powerhouse in empowering women all over the world!
Marina Simone
Marina Simone teaches busy moms how to slay online sales by leveraging their personal brand on social media to build an online empire.

Before joining network marketing, Marina missed her daughter's first steps from being stuck in a cubicle, which was the tipping point that drove her to gain freedom. 

She has now built an organization of more than 20,000 customers and distributors in less than two years and she'll be teaching you some of her Facebook and Instagram strategies that catapulted her success!
Danelle Delgado
Known as the “millionaire maker”, Danelle Delgado began her journey when faced with raising her three small children on her own. Forced to make a change she went from working three jobs, 80-90 hours a week and struggling to survive, to an award winning success in business.

She is a known online influencer and has made a massive impact as a best selling author and has also shared the stage with Grant Cardone, Les Brown, Darren Hardy and Lewis Howes.
Garrett McGrath
Garrett McGrath has served as President of the Association of Network Marketing Professionals since 2012, and on the Board of Directors since 2011. His 25 years of experience as a top network marketing professional has made him a highly sought-after keynote speaker, leadership trainer, and team-builder.

Garrett is an ambassador for the network marketing profession, working to elevate the entire profession to a new level of public awareness, credibility, partnerships, education, service, and global reach.
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