No Warm List? No Problem!
Networkers Are Now Using the “10K Social Media Recruiting System” to EXPLODE Their Businesses...

Jessica Higdon here…

And if you already spend time on social media… 

Breathe a huge sigh of relief!

You really are so incredibly close to consistently recruiting new reps into your business. 

I know because it happened to me.

I began my own networking career as a broke 21-year old with a teeny-weeny warm list.

Offline… I kept hitting frustrating dead-ends. But…

Online… I found my groove!

…and a never-ending supply of new prospects.

Twitter alone has over 500 million members… Facebook over a billion!

That can seem like a massive “cold list” of people you don’t know.  

But let me explain why it’s actually your “warm list” waiting to happen!

You see… I found a few simple daily actions allowed me to “warm up” and then easily recruit total strangers through Facebook and other social media channels… 

…all absolutely for free.  

And this is important… 

My social media accounts never get shut down… I never receive complaints from strangers --- because this proven recruiting formula is based on respect for others and for social media guidelines.

Social Media gives you the freedom to recruit new reps by being a “problem solver” …not a sales person.

This was a truly life-changing realization for me!

After I cracked the code to social media recruiting… my personal networking income soared to $10K/month and I became my company’s #1 female income earner. 

I’m not sharing any of this to brag… just to drive home the profound difference this unique recruiting formula can make to your life. 

And there’s absolutely nothing complicated about it.

Simply hop on your iPad, computer or smartphone… and let my proven system turn your spare minutes into passive income…
You’re not the first networker I’ve shared my secrets with…
Dave Prosser from Seattle was a self-confessed “terrible” recruiter. He struggled to speak with people and was spamming online groups. But since my training he’s gone on to sponsor 24 people in 3 days!
Juli Lofendo—a busy single mom caring for her autistic son—was frustrated with network marketing. She’d almost lost hope entirely. But after following my formula she recruited 7 people in one week, made $800 and earned a 7 day cruise for her and her son!
Terry Gremaux lives in a quiet little town in Montana with hardly any warm market. He’d never signed up a single person before. But my social media recruiting formula has widened his horizons! He’s now had multiple 5-figure DAYS in the last year!

If you’ll let me, I’d love to guide you to these kind of life changing results. 

Your first step is to enroll today in this exclusive training opportunity…  

Where I’m excited to share with you my…

10K Social Media Recruiting Formula
Fun… Flexible…Stress-Free…

We’ll meet for a series of intimate webinars, where I’ll coach you step-by-step in the 4 pillars of successful social media recruiting. Here's what you'll discover in each module...

Module 1
Profile positioning and branding secrets.

Connect with someone new on social media and they rush to check out your profile. 

But here’s the big question… 

Is yours set up properly to ATTRACT your perfect prospect or unknowingly REPEL them?  

In this first module, I’ll show you how to set up your profile right. So prospects are intrigued and excited to get to know you.  

Taking these simple steps will make it impossible for you to lose any more easy money!  

(Exciting News! As a special bonus, all of the modules have already been recorded and are available to you immediately after you enroll! I’m serious about getting you results fast!)

Module 2
Locating and attracting your IDEAL prospects.

When you’re looking through profiles on social media sites, do you know how to quickly find your ideal client or prospect? If not, I’m going to show you how to find those “perfect fit” people online fast! 

It’s time to STOP wasting precious hours talking to negative people with NO interest in you or your business. I’ll show you how easy it is to start laser targeting the RIGHT open-minded people!

This step alone will save you untold time and hassle. And when a “perfect fit” new recruit needs to build their business around a busy schedule… no problem!  

Just share my time-friendly recruiting formula… and you’re on your way to passive income.

Module 3
How to turn cold leads into warm leads.

How does a cold online lead turn into a hot prospect dying to learn more about your business? 

Easily, that’s how! 

And you’re about to know all the secrets.

Have a pen and paper handy, because I’m sharing the exact questions I ask that get people to open up and start talking themselves into joining your business!

Module 4
Secrets to becoming a social media "closer."

You can talk to LOTS of people on social media… but if you don't know how to close them into your business, it's just one huge waste of time.

But I say… let's not waste a second! 

I'll show you how to easily and efficiently bring new people into your business… and without having to deal with a thousand objections first! 

Closing is the life-blood of your business and the fuel for your dreams… 

That's why everyone will leave this webinar an unstoppable social media closer!

Value: $697!

These webinars alone will let you easily put my formula to work for you and your family’s future. 

But I’m not done yet! In addition to these secret-packed private online events…  

I also want to give you…

Bonus #1
Zero Rejection Conversation Template

Forget about "worrying" if you're saying the right things…

Here's my ultimate fix. 

You get my top 25 questions and scripts to use as a guideline/template for ALL your social media conversations.  

Guaranteed to turn rejection into a thing of the past and skyrocket your closing rates… 

This will rocket your business forward with incredible momentum!

Value: $97!
Bonus #2
Social Media Attractor Factor Checklist

This is the "go-to" checklist I refer to anytime I set up a new social media profile. It's the first thing prospects see… and first impressions count. 

When I follow this proven checklist I know I'm about to ATTRACT prospects to me… not turn them OFF.  

Now, you get to be a prospect-magnet too!

Value: $49!
MEGA Bonus:
Recordings of 4 accountability online events!
Value: $1,750!

Social media recruiting can change your life like it changed mine. That's why I want to help hold you accountable to yourself and those you care about. 

So… I'm inviting you to listen to recordings of four private "accountability events." 

These insightful hour-long question and answer sessions will make sure you're seizing this opportunity to squeeze every dollar possible from social media.

Total Value Over: $2,500!
Your investment?

Well, that might be the best part of all.

As I mentioned in the video above, my husband and I have happily invested close to $100,000.00 in business coaching. 

And remember—you’re getting the exact same success formula that whisked me from struggle and frustration… to a personal networking income of over $10K/month! 

You deserve a fun, flexible and stress-free recruiting solution… and a simple “non-techy” system you can follow to secure your own 6-figure income.  

This could be the only time I’ll ever share this system with the world… so I want to make it easy for you take advantage of this limited time opportunity. 

That’s why I’m willing to share my 10K Social Media Recruitment Formula with you for a truly “no-brainer” enrollment investment of a one-time payment of just $397...

But We're Not Finished!
We've Got 7 "Super Bonuses" Just For You When You Take Action Today...
Super Bonus #1
Jessica Higdon's Top Earner Marketing Bootcamp Social Media Talk
Value: $97!

The feedback of this training was unreal. People left that DAY with a solid plan to get leads and sales, and many of them wrote me saying they did so.

In this 1 hour segment, you'll get our "uncensored" answers to some of the MOST pressing social media marketing questions.

There's nowhere else (in any of our courses) where you'll hear these exact answers because they were asked by LIVE audience members at our private event.

Super Bonus #2
John & Nadya Melton's Training On How They've Recruited 300+ Reps From Facebook
Value: $149!

John has recruited over 300 people on social

Media and he shows you exactly how he does it... And Nadya is a social media branding rockstar.

She Shares her best tips for getting leads each and every day from your facebook.

This power couple charges $1000’s of dollars for coaching, but as a special favor to me and my audience they agreed to do this training and

Let me tell you guys…. It is awesome! As I was watching it I was taking a ton of notes.

Super Bonus #3
Lisa Torres Training On How She's Recruited Over 400+ People From Social Media
Value: $149!

You've probably heard me mention Lisa earlier and how she’s not only recruited over 400 people through social media, but also has a cash MACHINE with how fast her people are duplicating..

She gives us her BEST tips and I can promise you they are things you’ll never have known to do if you hadn’t listened to her training.

Super Bonus #4
April O'Leary Training On How To Stay Accountable & Consistent
Value: $97!

April O’Leary is my co-author in the Networking Revolution, and also a very successful business coach.

Her specialty is teaching people how to be accountable and consistent, which is very needed as you’re going through this program.

Super Bonus #4 is a step by step training on how to teach your mind to be consistent and hold yourself accountable…

If you’ve struggled with consistency in the past don’t worry, because the strategies she gives you in this training will turn you into a consistency machine…

Super Bonus #5
Terry Gremaux Training On How To Attract People To You Using Social Media
Value: $97!

We ALSO have the amazing and incredible Terry Gremaux who contributed Super Bonus #5, which is his secret Branding formula for generating leads on social media.

Years ago Terry was working at a general store making $35,000 a year. After going through the 10k social media recruiting formula, he was able to recruit 30 people in less than 60 days…

And has since had multiple 5 figure months! It’s great to have a lot of facebook friends and fans, but none of that matters if you’re not converting them into leads and sales.

This guy is one of the best I know at making money from your facebook lists.

Super Bonus #6
Ray Higdon's "Overcoming Objections" Course
Value: $97!

As another MEGA bonus you’ll receive my husband’s overcoming objections training.

This is literally another training that we’re just giving to you as a thank you.

We seriously want you to be fully equipped to handle anything that comes your way while you’re out there prospecting…

Ray is one of the best I know at overcoming objections.

In fact... I learned a lot of my objection handling from listening to him on the phone, so I know this training is exactly what you need to close the deal and easily recruit.

Super Bonus #7
10k Profile Posting Formula
Value: $49!

As a super bonus, you’ll also receive my “Posting For Profit” training when you invest today.

One of the questions I get asked all of the time is “What should I post on my profile?”

In this training I give you different examples of posts that will not only develop a better relationship with your Facebook friends, but also get you leads instantly.

This super action bonus is limited to those who purchase before the August 4th. After that, this bonus worth $49 goes away forever.

Total Value Over: $3,425.00 !

...And today you can get all of it for just one easy payment of $397. (for 3-payments of $147 if you're on a tighter budget)

Naturally—that’s a drop in the bucket compared to the financial stresses this proven system can lift off your shoulders. 

And I’m so confident you’ll see fast recruiting results…  

I’d like to make your enrollment totally risk-free…

This risk-free guarantee means you can give my formula a chance even if you’re a little skeptical. 

For example, Aurore Jones wasn’t confident in her computer skills.

She confessed to me… she didn’t even
know where the “send message” button
was on Facebook!
Meet Aurore...
Mom & Entrepreneur Out of the U.K.

"I knew nothing about facebook. I didn't even know where the 'send message' button was!

"By following Jessica's training and coaching, I was able to sponsor 28 people into my business within 2 weeks!"

Even so… with my formula at work for her… this devoted mother from the U.K shocked herself by recruiting 28 people into her affiliate business in less than 2 weeks!

What if you accomplished just half of that?  

Even one quarter?  

What would 6 extra recruits a month and on stage appearances mean to you?  

Seriously, what would that really be worth to you? 

Aren’t you sick and tired of lackluster recruiting results?  

Or worse… no new recruits whatsoever!  

If so, let’s link arms and fix that right now. 

Let’s focus your energy to create a life you absolutely LOVE AND ENJOY!  

This business doesn’t have to be complicated.

My system is provensuper-simple… and pretty much impossible to mess up!

Now just let me share it with you, risk-free.

It’s your choice, but I’d be honored to help. I'll see you on the inside!

Click below now to secure your spot...

To fun, flexible and stress-free recruiting!

P.S. I’m so excited to share how you can build your business in the time you already spend on social media. There’s absolutely nothing to lose. I’m protecting you with a 100% money back guarantee… even giving you the option of two easy payments. 

Don’t get left out in the cold. Make sure you secure your future today… claim your fast action bonus… and join others seeing FAST recruiting results from my 10k Social Media Recruiting Formula. The enrollment window for this training closes very soon and this is likely the last time I’ll ever teach this system.
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