Live Training With Jessica Higdon On Thursday, July 23rd at 9 PM Eastern
Don't Worry If You Can't Attend Live, You'll Still Get Lifetime Access To The Recording
Discover The Strategies To My First $10k Month In Network Marketing That You Can Leverage To Connect With & Sign Up More Prospects On Social Media
(without the pain of rejection or fear of not knowing what to say)
On this timely training, I’m going to show you some of my more sacred strategies to growing your business through connecting with people on social media!

Jessica Higdon here...

And if you’ve been struggling to grow your business on social media, but also understand that THIS might very well be the only way to connect with people in a major way right now, I’ve got good news for you...

You’re just one minor shift away from realizing success with each engagement.

When I first began my network marketing career, I was 21-years-old with a tiny list of friends and family and it didn’t take long before I hit the dreaded “offline dead-end.”

I'm grateful I never gave up because I've experienced
some incredible things.

Now, more than ever, in the current climate of the world, getting good at having meaningful conversations with people, and connecting with them on a deeper level that was once only possible in-person has become more important than ever before.

And... those who master this unique skill FAST will be the winners at the end of the day.

More people are online for longer hours each day right now.

It just makes sense to have a powerful social media connection with them, right?

That means you’ve now got a major opportunity to talk with more people and have conversations that can lead to being in business with them.

Not to mention... It’s quite refreshing to talk with someone about anything OTHER than the current events, drama, and heated opinions.

You’d be surprised by how many are welcoming conversations about earning a bit of “side cash” or making a purchase of a product or service that can help them with their health, finances, and wellbeing.


Not all social media conversation strategies are the same. Haven’t you heard terrible stories of people getting reported, banned, and shut down too?

One glance at the messages that those folks were sending and the types of posts they were making, and it really doesn’t surprise me any.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and most of the social media sites want people to have a great experience on their platform.

Getting hit with messages that are spammy or abrasive are clear red-flags. But, there are some other “hidden” red-flags that many don’t know about. (I’m going to help you avoid those.)

I should mention, ZERO of my accounts have ever gotten banned from these platforms.

That’s because, what I do and what I teach is how to create connections with people through conversations.

Without being SPAMMY

Without being PUSHY

Without being DESPERATE

The best part about these strategies is that you can use them wherever you are.

Got a smartphone? Got an iPad or computer? You have everything you need to utilize these powerful and effective methods for growing your business.

So, here’s a small taste of what you’re going to get with this brand NEW course:
Grab Your Seat Before Thursday, July 23rd at 9 PM Eastern And Get The Unique Opportunity To Watch Live
Don't Worry If You Can't Attend Live, You'll Still Get Lifetime Access To The Recording
Grab Your Seat Before Thursday, July 23rd at 9 PM Eastern And Get The Unique Opportunity To Watch Live
Don't Worry If You Can't Attend Live, You'll Still Get Lifetime Access To The Recording
The “Super Connector” Formula

If you’ve been struggling to find prospects to talk to OR if you’re feeling SO overwhelmed by the “sea of people” that it just paralyzes you before you can even start a conversation, this is your saving grace.

I get it. It can be scary to talk to people who you don’t know and, for all you know, might have some mean things to say.

That’s why I’m going to show you how to PRE-QUALIFY people so that you always know you’re talking to the right person before you invest time and energy into the conversation.

This ‘formula’ of sorts allows you too quickly and painlessly qualify prospects. 

The “Objection Obliteration” Strategy

There are as many objections to overcome as there are people in the world. I hear a new one every day… BUT, there is a way to tip the scales in your favor and always know what to say.

This is my “beyond the scripts” strategy. (hint: you are getting scripts in this course too)

It’s something that few ever train on, and has more to do with establishing your “set and frame.” Essentially, that means WHO YOU ARE and WHAT YOU STAND FOR. 

I’m going to walk you through this process, and when you establish clarity about this, you’ll always have unshakable confidence to talk to anyone and overcome any objection that may come your way.

Sidebar: One of the biggest (and most challenging objections) most people face is: How to overcome the money objection. Look, a lot of people have their own struggles with money (especially now), and the truth is, it’s not going to get better unless they do something different, try something different. You can be the light in their world, right now, that provides the possibility for change where there might not ever have been one.

But, having that conversation can be a little intimidating, so I’m going to equip you with several of my “money-objection” handling conversation scripts. You’ll be able to not only get a new sign up or share a useful product or service but help somebody possibly change their life forever. It’s an incredible feeling. 

The Consistency Code

Like Jim Rohn used to say, “What’s easy to do is also easy not to do.” The fact is, I don’t teach “rocket science” strategies and... I’ve never personally used “high-IQ” tactics to cleverly persuade someone to join my team or buy something from me.

I believe in TWO core principles for success... (1) people connect with people. When you treat people like human beings and you talk to them like they’re not just another “dollar sign” or “recruit” you’ll be amazed by your results. 

And (2) Being consistent is easier when the strategies that you’re using are rooted in natural, normal conversation.

So, I’m going to share with you some powerful, yet easy-enough-for-a-newbie-to-use strategies, including a D.M.O. (daily method of operation) that will help to keep you on track with your goals.

How To ASK The “Closing Question”

Now, after we’ve solved all the prospecting challenges, and you’re talking with new people, having excellent conversations... there’s going to be a point where you’ve got to POP THE QUESTION.

That is usually the #1 most uncomfortable “experience” I hear network marketers deal with. But, it doesn’t have to be. Not for you anyway!

And in fact, it can be so smooth and natural that your prospect often won’t even hesitate to say “yes, sign me up” by the time you ask it. This really comes down to following the strategies that I layout for you from start to finish.

My Posture “Take-Back” Secrets

 Sometimes, we get a little too excited once we get into a good conversation and we revert back to thinking that “more information = more clarity” for our prospect.

After all, if only they knew everything we know, they’d hop on this opportunity like bears on a honey hive! But...


Wish that was the case... but 99.9% of the time, it’s not.

Getting into the weeds with too much information and long-winded messages is a surefire way to get ignored or rejected.

I’ll show you how to answer questions efficiently and effectively, allowing your conversations to move at a rapid pace towards your closing questions.

AND... if you’ve already “lost posture” these strategies will help you regain your composure again.

The Warm vs Cold Mix-n-Match Method

There are different ways to handle warm market reach outs vs cold market reach outs.

In this training, I’m going to show you the specific tweaks I make to these scripts and strategies depending on how “warm” or “cold” the reach out it.

Notice how it’s not just one or the other… it is actually a sliding SCALE.

Sometimes you’ll be reaching out to an acquaintance... you know them by name, you’ve had a conversation once or twice over the years... but you really don’t know them that well... we can’t call that “warm” and we wouldn’t quite call that “cold.”

Over the years, I’ve found that most of us are having conversations within this sliding scale quite frequently (especially if you’re doing a good job with your marketing on social media). People commenting or liking your posts isn’t exactly “cold” but they’re not “warm” either.

I’ll share more about how to tweak your conversations for this.

Here’s the truth… before anyone is successful in network marketing, we’re not considered big-time leaders. You don’t have to be. Actually, I’ve got lots of case studies and stories where it was more beneficial to NOT be “super successful” when talking with a new prospect.

It’s easier to relate to people.

And when you learn the skills, strategies, scripts, and methods I’m about to teach you on this training, you won’t have to rely on “fame and fortune” to be successful.

You’ll have something that will last you the rest of your life and that will give you confidence in any situation you might encounter.

Equipped with the right strategies for making meaningful connections and having excellent conversations you can have the success you’ve dreamed of. 
Let’s do this!

Grab Your Seat Before Thursday, July 23rd at 9 PM Eastern And Get The Unique Opportunity To Watch Live
Don't Worry If You Can't Attend Live, You'll Still Get Lifetime Access To The Recording
Grab Your Seat Before Thursday, July 23rd at 9 PM Eastern And Get The Unique Opportunity To Watch Live
Don't Worry If You Can't Attend Live, You'll Still Get Lifetime Access To The Recording
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