How To Start Your Own "Side-Coaching" Business For Maximum Fun & Profit
When You Complete This Course, You'll Walk Away With A Blueprint For 
Crafting Your Very Own Micro-Coaching Program
...And A Step-By-Step Roadmap For Acquiring New Clients
(who you actually want to work with)
Why Should I Learn From Ray?
He has sold over $4 million in coaching and masterminds in the last 3 years...
Ray has coached every type of marketer you can imagine, from the most fundamental beginner, all the way up to some of the biggest top earners in network marketing...
His coaching clients include top earners like Robert Hollis ($40 million + earner), Cedrick Harris, Kathleen Deggelman, Tanya Aliza, Lisa Torres, Terry Gremaux, Felicia Mupo, Mark Harbert, and many others...
Ray Higdon
So here's the deal... you're probably out in the "marketplace" on a daily basis, reading articles, studying books, buying courses, and attending every event you can make it to...

You're taking notes, learning new strategies, and taking action on all of the new techniques you can possibly fit into your already busy day, so you can grow your own business.

Maybe you're doing well... maybe you've yet to make your FIRST sale or recruit your first rep. No matter which way you look at it, the simple TRUTH is this...

If you're not giving your audience (no matter how big or small) an opportunity to work directly with you, and receive your knowledge and wisdom, then YOU'RE LEAVING BUCKETS OF MONEY ON THE TABLE.

Now, picture this...

Imagine that you had an exact BLUEPRINT for how to structure your own micro-coaching program, how to sell it, and how to find the PERFECT, ideal client to work with.

Imagine what it'd be like to find that amazing client that takes action on what you tell them to do, that is totally coachable, and that craves more of your advice.

Now, picture that brand NEW client of yours paying you hundreds {even thousands} of dollars per month to share your advice, insights, and knowledge with them.

Pretty cool, right?

Now, I bet, even as you're picturing this in your mind, a few questions are coming to mind...

Like, "what if I don't know how to answer one of my clients questions?" or "what would I possibly share with anyone, even if I had a blueprint to set up my own coaching program?"

These, and many others, are the questions that we're going to answer for YOU (on top of giving you the exact blueprint we use to craft our coaching programs...
Here's How to make an additional $1000 in the next
30 days (even if you’re not
ready or "qualified")
See, most of us start out in a very similar "mental place" when we hear about the possibility of creating our own coaching program...

There's SO many questions and doubts that might be joggling around in your head right now, like...
  • Am I even qualified to sell coaching? (even if I haven't made a bunch of money in my business...)
  • I don't have enough time. I'm already busy enough with everything I'm currently doing... How could I possibly add a coaching client to the mix?
  • Even if I build the program, where will I find people who want my coaching?
  • What if I don't know how to answer a question that my new client has? (won't I look stupid?)
  • And Many Others...
In TRUTH, these are all great questions.

...And that's why we've gathered them from our own coaching clients and students (asking them what their most pressing questions are about starting their own coaching program).

We've ASKED, we've gathered all the questions up, and we've packaged up our answers to these questions (plus SO much more) into what we're calling, the "Micro-Coaching Cash Blueprint."

An exact, step-by-step system for creating your own coaching program and finding the perfect clients FOR YOU! We've never shared these 'secrets' outside of our private, high-level courses and masterminds, so we're very excited to bring this knowledge to you for such a LOW, LOW investment...
For A Very LIMITED Time:
You can get your hands on our "Micro-Coaching Cash Blueprint" for just one easy payment of $97.
Join Us Inside & Discover How To Start Your Own "Side-Coaching"
Business For Maximum Fun & Profit
"I didn’t believe I had the value and confidence to start charging for coaching but I listened to Ray train on how to become a profitable coach and within ONE day of implementing his strategies, I acquired my first coaching client. The best part is, I have now added another income stream to my business with speed, pleasure, and ease. Thanks Ray!" - Dr. Lisa Thompson
"Since I became a client of Rays (less than two months ago), I was able to start a coaching program that now has 26 paying clients! IF you want to make money as a coach, follow Ray's advice!" - Angela Brooks
"I have never had a paid coaching client but in just three days after going through Ray's Micro Coaching Cash Blueprint, I teamed up with a friend and now have 14 PAID clients! I never thought I could do something like this but his training showed me EXACTLY what to do, thanks so much Ray!" - Ryan Wilt
"Hello Ray, I just wanted to say that I purchased your Micro - coaching cash blueprint last week and closed two clients TODAY using your strategies... Thank you!!" - Tequila Cousar
"I just recently finished going through your Micro-Coaching Cash Blueprint course and the part of "How to Sell" your coaching has given me a huge perspective shift and has made an immediate impact on my process of talking to potential clients. 

What I LOVED about the course is how you breakdown exactly how to pick your ONE area you want to coach people on. I'm not kidding when I say that because of that one thing, my consulting business will do 6 figures in 2017. 

I recommend anyone who is sick of having their intelligence not match their bank account, immediately go through the course and execute the invaluable step-by-step approach that you lay out. It's literally changed my business and I can't thank you enough! 

I appreciate you and I'm very grateful for the impact you've had on my life!" - Adam Judish 
Josh Recommends...
Robert Recommends...
Here's What You're Getting with the "MICRO-COACHING cash blueprint...
  • How to properly PRICE your coaching for maximum profits (hint: You're probably giving away your time for WAY too little...)
  • How to Pre-Qualify your potential clients (before you even talk to them) so you're only working with the BEST people...
  • Why going for quality rather than quantity is a great model for finding your ideal clients (but a terrible way to collect applications. Hint: There's a correct time and place for each....)
  • How to quickly and easily earn $1000+ in the next 30 days when you take action on this training and score your first coaching client (even if you haven't gotten any BIG results yet)
  • Why having your own coaching program instantly BOOSTS your credibility and attracts bigger leaders to you...
  • What to say to your new client IF you don't know the answer to their question (plus how to look smart while admitting you don't know)
  • How to structure your coaching program so you still have plenty of time to spend doing the things you want to do...
  • Plus SO much more...
But that's NOT all...

See, we wanted to ensure that you've got EVERYTHING you need to jump into this fully-loaded training blueprint and walk away with all of the ammo you need to create your very own micro-coaching program.

So, we've added these 3 additional bonuses just for YOU when you take action today...
BONUS #1: The Deluxe coaching QUESTIONNAIRE
We've meticulously crafted and edited this exclusive coaching questionnaire for our own programs. Never before have we given this away. Now, it's YOURS when you say "YES" to the Micro-Coaching Cash Blueprint.

$37 Value
BONUS #2: 47 video Ideas (to attract more clients)
Want to 'automate' your new client sign-up process? Video is the most powerful medium for doing that. You'll find 47 fresh ideas for videos that you can create quickly and easily to start attracting new applications for your coaching program FAST!

$17 Value
BONUS #3: our special coaching contract template
Nothing says "Official" like a coaching contract... But, do you know what you need to say in it to protect yourself and your clients? We've hired professional attorneys to craft ours and now we're giving you the full template!

$67 Value
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TOTAL VALUE: $218.00
For A Very LIMITED Time:
You can get your hands on our "Micro-Coaching Cash Blueprint" for just one easy payment of $97.
"Hey Ray, so excited just had to let you know. I went through your Micro Coaching course, implemented a few of your tips and had 4 coaching clients sign up within a week! Talk about instant income! This is the first time I've ever offered paid coaching and I can't wait to ramp it up! Thanks for putting together such a quality course! You're awesome!"
- Bob Clarke
"Hey Ray!! Just letting you know that I just booked my first $500/mo coaching client on purpose after being on that webinar!!!! I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited to be adding this additional stream of income to my business... And the extra cash is great, but contributing to someone else's life and business is a high that I can't get enough of!! Thank you!!!!"
- Matthew Hamel
"With over 30 years as 8 figure earners, we know you must continue to develop new skills and strategies if you want to stay fresh and relevant as Network Marketing Professionals! Ray, Debbie and I want to thank you for your Micro Coaching Cash Blueprint program. It is loaded with GREAT information. And it really works!Incredibly, we welcomed our first coaching client at $500 per hour the very first day after listening to your outstanding webinar! - David and Debbie Reeder
"Ray's training on getting coaching clients is awesome, I was able to get my first paying client fast after going through the training, Ray has a real gift for teaching!"
- David Reeder ($15 million dollar lifetime earner in network marketing)
"Your Micro Coaching Blueprint gave me the tools I needed and helped me get over the fact that I was new to Coaching. I did 8 breakthrough session calls in 9 days and 5 people hired me...totaling $17,800. I have 4 more people that also want to talk Monday and Tuesday... I fell in love with the profession and all I want to do is make an impact for others. I just wanted you to realize how much that 1 product helped me..and of course your encouragement that we can do it." –  Julie Burke
Join Us Inside & Discover How To Start Your Own "Side-Coaching"
Business For Maximum Fun & Profit
What Others Are Saying...
TOTAL VALUE: $218.00
For A Very LIMITED Time:
You can get your hands on our "Micro-Coaching Cash Blueprint" for just one easy payment of $97.
Join Us Inside & Discover How To Start Your Own "Side-Coaching"
Business For Maximum Fun & Profit
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