My goal with this Training is to radically shift your mindset So You Can create a total transformation for your Income And Your Life
It's time to create more abundance and prosperity in your life By divorcing the negative emotions that Are running Your Life
Introducing: The Mental Toughness Solution For Results-Driven Network Marketers
  • Shift your negative emotions to positive (regardless of your circumstances). IF you are in a really bad part in your life, this course may just save your life.
  • Help you understand exactly how to get more results out of every single action in your life...
  • How to live positively even with negative people in your immediate life...
You're going to receive 6 hour-long and highly intensive Power Mind audio mentoring sessions. 

I'm giving you the full uncensored scoop on every facet of the Power Mind and how you can adopt it to change your life, in the same way I've used it to change mine.

...And once you know the secrets I share, you can use them to be mentally strong not just right now… but you can turn to the Power Mind for strength for the rest of your entire life.

So you can't be knocked off your game by anyone or anything.

Stress that used to shake you, now it just bounces off you.

Anxiety that used to be a part of life, now it's gone… replaced by peace, confidence and bullet-proof self-belief.

We're going to spend more than 6 intensive hours together… and in that time my focus is on one thing and one thing only…

Helping you program your mind for massive success and wealth.

Here's some of what you'll discover:
Module 1: The Beginning of a New Life
Every new beginning starts with attracting the things you truly desire in your life. There's a reason my life drastically changed in a short amount of time.

I just learned how the law of attraction REALLY works and in this first module, you will too.
Module 2: Visualizing, Crafting What You Want and Money Tips
There's a reason the worlds most successful people tell you to visualize what you want. The key is to always stretch your mind to think of the little details that I cover in module 2.

Plus, I dive deep into two quick ways to attract more money into your life (it's not what you think).
Module 3: Handling Rejection, Helping Others and Vocabulary Guarding
Staying happy... while being rejected? It's virtually unheard of in our profession and that's why I cover it in this module.

There is a way to stay on the path and still help others who reject you, WITHOUT the feeling of resistance.
Module 4: Ignoring the Sense and Sleep Programming
Proper pre-sleep programming is one of the most powerful ways to start every day fresh. Are you WASTING your programming before you fall asleep at night?

In this module, I uncover my secret to waking up charged and effectively controlling my emotions of the ups and downs throughout the day.
Module 5: Allowing and All About the "Others"
Ever feel like you're seeking the approval or acceptance from those around you? It can be a vicious cycle if you don't learn how to no longer tolerate what others think of you.

As Morpheus from the Matrix once said, "My belief doesn't require them to." and by the end of module 5, you'll have that same bulletproof belief.
Module 6: Mo' Money, The Journey From Here and The Abundance Academy
Everybody knows when you believe in YOUR value, you WILL make more money.

With module 6 you'll have no doubt as to why YOU should be making more money so you can be more present in your life.
To make it even easier… I've made it so you can soak in each session on your computer, or you can download it as an MP3 to listen to in the car or at the gym.
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Only $97 Today!
30 Day SATISFACTION Guarantee
We're SO confident that you're going to LOVE this course that we're willing to back it up with a full 30-Day Money-Back Guaranteed.
In Addition To The 6, Hour-Long And Highly Intensive 
Power Mind Audio Mentoring Sessions,
You're Also Going To Get:
Bonus #1 – The Power Mind Guided Meditation
If you're new to meditation, don't know how to do it or have never done it, this little audio will walk you through how to do it and is something you will probably end up listening to hundreds if not thousands of times.

It isn't hard, all you do is listen and follow the instructions and you WILL become more centered and learn to quiet your mind so you don't have so many thoughts rambling around trying to distract you. 
Bonus #2 – The Power Mind Prospecting Power-Up
Ever have stress and anxiety before making your prospecting calls or heading off to prospect? Or, ever need a pick-me-up after getting torched by a prospect?

Pop in this audio before you start prospecting or after a tough call and you will immediately feel better and be ready to keep going. Easily feel better no matter what prospects say.

The ability to keep going is critical in this industry and this little audio may be a lifesaver on many a day. 
Bonus #3 – The Power Mind Pre-Sleep Audio
Remember how I mentioned that proper pre-sleep programming is one of the most powerful ways to start every day fresh?

Well as an added bonus, I've recorded a 3 minute and 20 second audio that you can listen to every night beofre you fall asleep so you can program your mind for success.
What People Are Saying About Their Power Mind Experience
"I listened to the second presentation last night. It was fabulous and very inspirational."
I wanted to express my very deep gratitude to Ray because after listening for 5 days to the meditations he gave us, I was able to call realtors on the phone, cold calling, with confidence and smile. I did not care! Cool!
I couldn't believe it was me. I started watching my words and this made the difference."
~Margarita Slavkova
"Your Power Mind series is filling in a lot of blanks for me and these last two modules have exploded my belief by the simple way you use it. I am so glad I signed up for your Power Mind series."
~Phil Ramos
"Ray, I wanted to send you a quick testimonial and let you know how grateful I am to have the opportunity to learn from you. Until I made the decision to purchase your course, I struggled with financial problems, mild to severe depression and a general lack of hope for the future. After only a couple of days I feel like a new person, I am less depressed and I am actually starting to have some good ideas to act quickly and begin to fix my situation. It's been over a year since I have been able to come up with ANY positive solution for my problems.

To be honest, I have studied the law of attraction many times in the past and seen good results – but I let it slip away from me. I see now that my old mindset was paralyzing me in a negative downward spiral and I am dedicated to never returning to that place again. With my new thoughts and positive actions, I know I'm on my way to the life I was intended to have.

Thank you, again, Ray. Your course has been a priceless gift and I am so grateful for you!"

~Virginia Long
Just One Easy Payment Of 
Only $97 Today!
30 Day SATISFACTION Guarantee
We're SO confident that you're going to LOVE this course that we're willing to back it up with a full 30-Day Money-Back Guaranteed.
P.S. Let me sweeten the deal a bit. When you buy now, I'll throw in these two valuable free bonus gifts:
SPECIAL BONUS #1 – Top Earner Success School on Vision
I believe the biggest factor for your success is creating a compelling vision that's going to make you jump out of bed in the morning.

That's why I've decided to throw in an additional gift that will show you step-by-step how to create a vision to pull you through the tough times.

If you aren't showing up consistently in your business, this bonus gift alone is worth your purchase.
SPECIAL BONUS #2 – Robert Hollis Interview
Do you think you could learn a thing or two from a man that has created over 40 millionaires?

I had the opportunity to interview (and grill) my good friend Robert Hollis and I want you to have it as a bonus.

We covered everything from mindset, to building relationships, to having an upbeat and positive attitude in order to build a LARGE business.
Just One Easy Payment Of 
Only $97 Today!
30 Day SATISFACTION Guarantee
We're SO confident that you're going to LOVE this course that we're willing to back it up with a full 30-Day Money-Back Guaranteed.
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