The "Social Networker" 
with Jessica Higdon
Discover Exactly What To Say, When To Say It, And How To Say It When You Need To Turn A Prospect Into A Brand New Sign Up Using Social Media!
Episode #1
How to Setup Your Social Media Profiles the Right Way
How to create the perfect 'First Impression' with your profile by modifying the 3 most important areas. Get these right, and you'll have new prospects curious and hungry for more information. But, be sure to avoid the 5 things you must NOT include on your profile.
$98 Value
Posting for Profits: What to Post on Social Media to Attract Customers
You'll learn about the 5 major post types and what exactly to say in your videos, text posts, and photos. You'll also get access to my daily posting formula so you know what to post (and when) throughout the day.
$149 Value
Episode #2
Episode #3
Prospecting & Recruiting 101 on Social Media
Discover the Do's and Don'ts of Prospecting and Recruiting on Social Media, and the exact verbiage to use to get a curious prospect to sign up. PLUS, you'll get my "first message formula" so you know how to start each conversation off on the right foot.

BONUS: Learn the 2 things I would start doing NOW if I were brand new - the MOST important thing you can do right now.
$245 Value
How to Close More Prospects & Get More Sign-ups
You'll learn how to form a powerful, confident "closing mindset" and how to leverage your time so you're only ever talking with qualified, "ready-to-sign-up" prospects. Plus, learn what to say if they have questions you can't answer.
$379 Value
Episode #4
Episode #5
How to Build Locally on Social Media
The simple way to find local people on social media and how to teach your teams to do the same. Plus, how to leverage Facebook and LinkedIn to find local people to talk to.
$187 Value
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