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 How to turn off self-sabotage and negative thinking
 Transmuting desire for riches into tangible actions for achieving your goals
 How to actively raise your money consciousness
 The self-confidence formula (for cultivating an unshakable will power)
 How to create your own personal focus
 The use & power of a mastermind group
 How to activate and use creative imagination
 The 11 important attributes of successful leadership
 The 10 causes of failure in leadership (and how to defeat them)
 Learning how to pace yourself (to avoid *burn out* and create momentum)
 The 8 causes of persistence
 Creative imagination functions (plus how to use it to accelerate your results)
 The seven major positive emotions
 The seven major negative emotions (and how to avoid them)
 Discovering the hidden intangible forces (that are always ready to aid you)
 Building character through autosuggestion
 The six basic fears
 The importance of self-analysis
 How to protect yourself against negative influences
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