Are You Ready To Supercharge Your Network Marketing Business Over The Next 90 Days... In A Powerful, Unique Setting... Where I Share My Proven Success Strategies?
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      Now I'm Curious...
      Are You Struggling to Get the Success You've Dreamed Of Since The Day You Signed Up in Network Marketing?
      Any of this sound familiar?
       You feel nervous about talking to new people about your business?
       You struggle to get leads?
       You don’t know how to approach people about your business?
       You don’t have a solid source of leads?
       You feel you lack credibility as you’ve never made money?
       You worry what friends and family think of you?
       Money worries are piling up?
       Retirement is around the corner and you have no savings?
       You’re having real trouble building a solid team that “sticks”?
      Well, If You Want Success in Your Business You Can’t Wait Any Longer... And We Can Help You!
      Maybe You're Thinking...
       I owe it to myself to succeed
       I owe it to my family and loved ones not to let them down by playing small all my life.
       I want to prove to all those people who said I could never make it that they were wrong!
      In The Next 90 days only a select number of people will have the opportunity to work with me personally to grow Your network marketing business in a Unique “School Room like” Environment.
      I will take you by the hand and share with you step-by-step in MY SUCCESS CLASSROOM ingenious network marketing tactics for simply crushing it in your business this year.
      In 90 Short Days Time from Now Your
      Business Could Look Like This...
      Your income is growing with people building your business without having to push or motivate them.
      More people are sticking in your team because you are doing the right things to keep them on board
      You have more time on your hands and money in the bank
      You’re on the way to becoming a top ranking earner in your company
      You recruit new reps effortlessly
      You love closing new people and you’re damn good at it. Your fear of closing is gone-if it was there before!
      Just Take A Look At What These Past Graduates Are Saying About The Top Earner Success School...
      See... This Can Work for You...
      No matter how long you have struggled
      No matter what business you are in
      No matter how many rejections you’ve got  
      No matter what other people think of your chances of success
      No matter how bad you are at closing or lead generation
      Imagine having more income, free time, and happiness in your life than you ever imagined possible...
      Now... What If I told you that 90 days was all that was standing between you and the life of your dreams?
      Over the next 90 days I will be conducting 3 closed door live webinars events each month. That’s 9 live webinars that will give you Monster-Size Gains in your business! 

      In these Sessions I will cover everything you need to catapult yourself to Top Earner status in your business. Together we will cover my insider secrets for getting leads... recruiting them into your business effortlessly and building a massively successful team. 
      So, Here is Just Some of What We Cover Inside...
      Session 1: Create A Compelling Vision For Success
       How to break free from people’s perception of you so you are free to build the life of your dreams.
       The worst energy you can carry around that will block your chances of success... And how to dump this energy instantly.
       The secret of creating affirmations that actually force your mind to come up with solutions to achieving your goals—these are especially perfect if you have low confidence or self esteem.
      Session 2: Cracking A Cold Market
      Maybe you wince at the thought of approaching people cold about your opportunity?

      By the end of this session, you’ll be armed with new techniques for simply killing it in a cold market and mindset shifts that make all your fear dissolve.

      Here’s just some of what we’ll cover:
       The quickest and easiest way to shift your mindset when it comes to cold approach to drain your fear away and change the lives of those you work with forever.
       The kind of people you need to be around if you want to make a cold approach easy ...
       How to initiate a conversion with a cold lead without having to even open your mouth. I’ll show you 2 “secrets” of mine that will get people talking to you first. 
       The two little words I use to soften up the tone of any encounter to get people to open up to what I have to say next.
       My incredible “door knob close technique” (used by all Top Earners in this industry) that gets through to the coldest most resistant prospects and makes them take action.
       Not sure what to say when facing new prospects? You’ll discover how saying less is more when it comes to closing new prospects and how you can leverage this to your advantage every time... no matter how bad you think you are at selling.
      Session 3: Closing Secrets Of
      The Masters
      Closing is SO IMPORTANT to your business. It’s vital to your success. This Session will turn you into a master closer. 

      Here’s what we cover inside:
       Why getting better at closing will improve every aspect of your business and how you can improve dramatically today... no matter how shy or inarticulate or lacking in confidence you are.
       A weird but highly effective strategy of getting them to close themselves while you sit back and sign them up. 
       A very simple 3 step tactic to give you time to know what to say next while walking your prospect closer to the sale. 
       How to get all the ammunition you need to close prospects in a series of simple questions you ask them. 
       How to “posture up” and remain unshakable when closing a prospect… turning every seemingly difficult question right back on your prospect and cementing the sale a little more with each question.
       The almost unknown way to answer the “I don’t have the money” objection to get them reaching for their wallets a minute later. 
       2 incredibly easy closes to use that are proven to work on even the most resistant prospect. 
       How to break through resistance and speak straight to the subconscious mind of your prospect with embedded commands that get them to take action for their own good. 
      Session 4: Attraction Marketing
      You’re going to will discover how to flip the attraction marketing switch in your business to get leads coming in on autopilot so you can grow your business and close more prospects.

      In this session we’ll cover:
       All the different elements of attraction marketing available to you in your business today.... many of them you may never have even considered before as an attraction marketing tools to boost your income. 
       What attraction marketing really is all about. Most marketers get this dead wrong and pay the price in lost sales and opportunities. 
       The worst mistake you can make in your attraction marketing offer that will kill your business stone dead. I’ll show you exactly how to present your offer to attract more leads than you can handle. 
       The 3 questions you need to ask yourself about your market so you can create powerful attraction marketing materials that magnetizes you to new leads. 
      Session 5: Blogging Basics For Massive Top Earner Success
      Your blog is one of your most powerful tools when it comes to your success in network marketing. You will learn how to turn it into a powerful lead generation magnet for new business.

      Join me in this session & here is just some of we’ll be covering:
       The real power of blogging to attract leads for your business that most network marketers never realize... I will show you how to harness the true power of blogging to build a lasting business. 
       Clear and straight-forward advice on becoming a content marketing machine...
       The demystifying truth about why a blog is better than any other form of marketing... Even the best paid traffic systems or email marketing 
       Everything you need to know about creating content that people actually want to read. Most network marketers get this completely wrong and kill their chances of success. 
       6 of the biggest design flaws on 99% of blogs that really hurt your business. (People pay me $500 an hour to point these out... you will get them for free in this session.) Plus, I’ll also do a number of free critiques of live blogs... maybe yours!
       How to create an irresistible offer on your blog that people will snap your hand off for. 
       7 content creation ideas that ensure you will never run out of content for your blog. 
      Session 6: Branding Secrets For Building Wealth
      Like it or not, your brand will have a dramatic effect on your business. You need to get it right to attract the right people to your business.

      In this session you will discover the branding secrets I and other professionals in this industry have used to build fortunes in network marketing.

      Here a little about what you will discover inside...
       The honest no “bull” truth about what branding actually is. Simply knowing this will skyrocket your income in this business 
       The biggest lies about branding out there that will hurt your business if you buy into them.
       How to find your unique position in the market place and use it to get more leads, more signups and more income. 
       The correct way to manage yourself and your brand so you survive even if the company you are with collapses ...
      Session 7: Speaking For
      Massive Exposure
      Speaking at live events is hands down the most powerful way to generate a ton of new signups in your business. This session will show you how to get started and what pitfalls to avoid along the way. By-The-Way…

      If speaking from stage just “isn’t your thing”, don’t worry! I completely get that. However, these strategies are absolutely KILLER for presenting on webinars, to your next prospect at Starbucks, and even when doing a team training!

      Here is some of what you we’ll be covering in this session:
       How to get over your fear of speaking if you have it at the moment. I could have given up because of my fear of speaking and it would have cost me millions in lost income over the years.
       My 5 step killer formula for selling from the stage for massive success...
       My secret “question handling technique” to make sure you are never thrown by a question from the stage… In fact your audience will bond with you even more when you do this correctly. 
       What people really want when they ask questions when you are speaking and how to give it to them...
       Why the last thing you should be doing is chasing signups in your business. I’ll show you what you should chase instead for success
      Session 8: Leading & Managing Your Team For Success
      Knowing how to lead & manage your team the right way is vital for success in this business.

      In this session we will go deep and uncover exactly what you need to do to manage a successful team.

      Here is just some of what you will discover inside:
       How people who have done nothing can sometimes progress rapidly when this one things happens… I’ll share with you what that thing is. 
       Exactly why you need to keep recruiting and never ever stop. 
       Warning: trying to “motivate” people in this business can leave you flat broke. I’ll show exactly what your team needs instead to bring them to the next level. 
       How 95% of your success in this business will come down to just 6 people. I’ll share with you the only sure fire way to get them on your team. 
       If you think spending more time with underachievers will get them to perform better, stop that right, now. I’ll show you exactly how to get more out of these people today. 
       The one thing that will put your team on steroids and get them cranking out unbelievable results. Even if you don’t do anything else. 
       How to make your prospect funnel easy to copy so anyone on your team can bring prospects through the same funnel to maximize results. 
      Session 9: Complete Top
      Earner Mastery
      This is where we look at the most powerful points of what we have discussed over the past 90 days together.

      The key elements that are going to make the real difference to your business.

      Here is just some of what we cover inside this session:
       How to communicate on the deepest level with people to get them to perform to their maximum potential so they will grow their business and yours at the same time. 
       The fastest known way of changing your circumstances for the better by changing your internal dialogue...
       How to stop using the kind of language that is keeping you stuck in life.
       The three key skills you need to master to become a top earner in this business... master these skills and you will be well on your way to making it big time in this business...
       The four elements that make up the perfect network marketing opportunity. 
       The one question you need to be able to answer about your network marketing business that tells you if you are on track to making it or not. 
       Where to go from here to build on your success... 
      You’re Also Invited To Attend 9 Live Strategic Implementation Q&A Webinars
      Just like with any training you will have questions that need answering so you can move forward, so over the next 90 days you will have access to myself and other students for 9 Live Q&A webinars to get any questions answered that you have.

      It’s your chance to get "personal coaching" from me and I know, once you get those questions answered, there will be nothing stopping you from achieving your goals.
      Here’s What Makes Top Earner Success School So Powerful Compared To Other Courses For Growing Your Business... 
      You will never get stuck again
      How many times have you bought a product like an eBook or video course to help you in your business? 

      You open it up take a quick look, get stuck, and it ends up gathering dust on the shelf or hardrive? This will not happen in Top Earner Success School. Top Earner Success School is like taking a college course for network marketing success (although I can promise we’re going to have a lot more fun on our sessions than you would in college!) 

      You show up and get any problem or questions you are dealing with answered by me personally... Your dedicated mentor and guide.
      Support you can count on
      It’s much easier to achieve your goals when you have a team behind you helping you along. Let’s face it, being an entrepreneur is a lonely path sometimes. 

      When you are part of the Top Earner Success School Facebook group you will get feedback and support from me and the other team members every day if you want it. (you won’t get that from an eBook) 

      Past team members have found this support invaluable.
      Comprehensive Step-By-Step Guidance
      Just like a good teacher looks out for his students and gives them that extra helping hand... I will be there for you to give any help you need to reach your goals.

      We've carefully crafted everything in the Top Earner Success School to walk you through all of the strategies and skills that you'll need to build a successful network marketing business.
      Once you decide to enroll you will get access to...
       The Top Earner Success School
      Closed Door Facebook Group
      1) You get access to a group of your motivated peers. 
      Past years groups became like a family! We will all be there to guide you and give you feedback to help you succeed. Need to post a video for example and want feedback before letting your team see it? This group is perfect for that. Have a “weird” problem with a prospect? Post it in the group and watch the support come flying in. 
      2) Get all your questions answered.
      Being part of this group means you get to post questions on anything related to your business and get fast answers so you can move forward.
      3) Ongoing support to help you succeed.
      Being part of a group that encourages and supports you along the way is an excellent way to increase your chances of success. We all thrive when encouraged and supported.
      Let’s take a quick re-cap on what you’re getting here...
      A $997.00 Value
      You will get 9 power packed Sessions on everything you need to propel you to Top Earner status like...
      Vision Building
      Attraction Marketing
      Cold Market Selling
      Team Leadership Skills
      Speaking Live & On Webinars
      Plus access to the closed door “Top Earner Success School Facebook Group” of course.
      A $295.00 Value
      A $4,500+ Value
      Plus… 9 LIVE Strategic Implementation Q&A Coaching Webinars
      I usually charge $2,000 for one hour of my time when I’m consulting with people. With Top Earner Success School you are getting well over 9 hours of my time. Many of the sessions will stretch past 30-minutes or more though...and that doesn’t even include our live Q&A Coaching Sessions! That’s worth $9,500 minimum. If I was to charge that for Top Earner Success School it would be well worth it. Let’s face it. Even half of that at $4,500, is less than the price of many of the of the big ticket seminars out there where you would get a lot less value than with Top Earner Success School...But…you wouldn’t be able to ask questions. 
      Already our Top Earner Success School is
      valued at $5,792.00...
      Fret NOT Though...
      You don’t have to invest $4k today. 
      You don’t even need to invest half of that... 
      ...or even half of that again.
      Click the Enroll Now button below right now and reserve your spot in the 2017 Class of Top Earner Success School for just one payment of $497 (we also have a 3 pay option) That’s about the same as 15 minutes of coaching with me and you will be getting over 9 hours of access to me in our group sessions over the next 90 days. If you’re still reading right now, then my guess is you’d agree that $497 is a great value when you consider the impact a course like this can have on your income.
      Enrollment Ends In:
      3-Easy Payments of
      Billed once today, and then 30 days, and 60 days from today.
        ONE Easy Payment of
          And Remember...
          You’re backed by my 100% Iron Clad Money Back Guarantee
          Simply hit the Enroll Now button below. Attend the live sessions for the first 30 days & use the knowledge to propel your income forward. And if for any reason whatsoever you’re unhappy with anything. If you don’t feel Top Earner Success School is the best value course you have seen in network marketing... then simply contact our support team for full 100% refund.
          Hit the Enroll Now button below right now and let’s get started.
          Yes Ray, I want immediate access to
          Top Earner Success School:
          I will get access to 9 CORE sessions covering everything from recruiting to closing, team management to building my brand and helping me to become a Top Earner in my company.
          I understand the "Strategic Implementation And Q&A Webinars" are LIVE but I can listen to the recording of any of the webinars if I miss one.
          I understand I will get access to the amazing “Top Earner Success School Facebook Group” where I will get incredible support and encouragement.
          I understand I will also get access to my free bonuses worth over $1,984.00.
          I understand that I need to act now to secure my spot as there are only a select number of students we can take into our program and they will fill up fast .
          I understand that Top Earner Success School is only open for enrollment once per year. The FIRST session starts on April 3rd, 2017 and if I don’t take action now… I won’t have another opportunity to join again until some time in 2018!
          Enrollment Ends In:
          3-Easy Payments of
          Billed once today, and then 30 days, and 60 days from today.
            ONE Easy Payment of
              Act now and get these amazing bonuses absolutely FREE!
              Fast Action Bonus #1: Top Earner Success School Mobile
              Academy MP3's!
              Take Your Success School training with you on the go! 

              Download the audio recordings from our live training sessions and take them with you to the gym or to listen to in your car. It's a proven fact that you'll get MUCH more out of the coaching when you listen to it more than once. 

              These recordings will make it super easy for you to get the most value out of our time together!
              Fast Action Bonus #2: Lifetime Access to Top Earner Success School Recordings!
              You'll receive unlimited access to each webinar recording. We're going to cover a lot in each session. I strongly encourage you to watch each coaching webinar more than once so they strategies really sink in. 

              You'll want to take notes and implement right away!
              Fast Action Bonus #3: “Top Earner Marketing Bootcamp” Event Recordings
              This was one of our most in-depth marketing workshops with over 3 FULL days of training, and you’re getting complete access when you decide to join us inside the Top Earner Success School Today.
              $497 VALUE
              MEGA BONUS: Entire Top Earner Success School eBook Library, All 9 Webinars Transcribed!
              Not only will you be able to access the live trainings & get the recordings, I'm also going to take it one step further and provide you with eBook versions of ALL our coaching sessions!

              This is an extreme value and something you'll want to keep in your digital library for reference to over & over again!
              That’s $1,984.00 worth of Bonuses Alone Here!
              You now have a very important decision to make ...
              You can take advantage of this amazing classroom room environment today where you get access to me and all my knowledge on how to help you reach Top Earner status. Plus all the amazing bonuses! 

              ...Or you can spend your time trying to piece together everything yourself. And you know what? I’m not saying you won’t get there - it just takes a lot longer and the odds of failing are a lot higher. So the question is... 

              Why not make life easy on yourself?

              Give Top Earner Success School a try. You have nothing to lose here and everything to gain. In a few short weeks from now, you could be waking up every morning to a thriving cash machine business. You switch on your laptop in the morning and check the sales from the night before from your team while you sip your coffee.

              You feel relaxed and peaceful because you just broke free from the daily grind and any money worries you have are a distant memory. You don’t even have to give up your job but you might be making so much money-you can if you want to. The wisest man I ever knew told me something I never forgot. He said most people are too busy earning a living to make money." 

              Don’t take as long as I did to find out he was right. I’m not asking you to believe me, just try it out. If I’m wrong, you have lost nothing. But what if I’m right? Click the Enroll Now button right now and see for yourself.
              Enrollment Ends In:
              3-Easy Payments of
              Billed once today, and then 30 days, and 60 days from today.
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                  Here's What Past Students Are Saying...
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                  Billed once today, and then 30 days, and 60 days from today.
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