Discover Exactly What To Say To Close More Sales & Recruit More Reps On Facebook !

Join The Webinar With Ray Higdon

Discover these simple, easy-to-remember "scripts" for your next Facebook conversation with a prospect...

Sept 27th @ 8:00PM

8:00 PM EST - 5:00 PM PST
Live Online Event
Mastering Facebook Conversations For Maximum Results in Your Network Marketing Business
On this action-packed webinar, you'll learn...
  • The #1 biggest "no-nos" on Facebook - what NOT to say to a prospect - and how to be different than 99% of other network marketers on social media...
  • How to properly posture yourself on social media so that people you're reaching out to actually want to know more about what you're possibly offering... (hint: when done right, they will actually ASK you to show them)
  • PLUS, exact scripts and "cut-n-paste" messages that will help you maximize your prospecting & recruiting power.

Sept 27th @ 8:00PM

8:00 PM EST  - 5:00 PM PST
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