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Dear Friend,

Has this thought ever crossed your mind...
"Instagram is a goldmine and if I could just understand how to utilize it properly, I'd be off to the races."
I see people on social media talking about why it's better than Facebook... how easy it is... the results they're getting...

And it seems pretty straight forward... but...
"How does someone like me with no following or online presence, use it to my advantage to sign up customers and recruit more reps?"
If we haven't met by now, my name is Ray Higdon, and I'm the founder of The Higdon Group where we help network marketers get more leads and recruit more reps on social media.

And although we run the highest producing private community for network marketers...

What a lot of people don't know is that there's a small handful of network marketers who are crushing it on Instagram...

...while almost everyone else is exclusively focusing on Facebook.

And that drives me crazy!

So I decided to track down the best of the best who were currently in the "Instagram Trenches" getting massive results, and asked them if they'd share the goods.
At first I was expecting some above average results... a couple leads generated, a customer or two a week, maybe a recruit here and there.

Boy was I blown away lol.

Listen, I've been through just about every course out there when it comes to marketing on Instagram, but I have NEVER heard some of the simple, yet overlooked strategies these ladies are implementing today!

If you're the type of person who likes to take action on the spot and accelerate your results, then this was made for you.

Without further ado...
Allow Me To Introduce The
Marina Simone
Has sold over $30,000 worth of products in the last 12 months!
Madison Delmaso
Recruited 40 total strangers in a 30 day period!
Soraya Goddard
Recruits 1-2 people, every week, in less than 15 minutes per week!
Give Me And These Instagram Experts 3 Sessions...
And We'll Dramatically Transform You Into An Instagram Pro!
Here's A Taste Of What You'll Discover In The
Wonder Women Of Instagram Mini Course...
  What to do if you don't really understand Instagram so you can hit the ground running 
  The most important thing to set up correctly if you want to get more customers and recruits
  How to easily connect with people who show interest in your product or business and get them excited to hear more
  Why targeting the wrong hashtags will cause your posts to fail (and which hashtags will give you the most exposure)
  #1 spot to put your hashtags to get found by people searching for exactly what you offer
  How to quickly move the conversation from "Who are you?" to, "Sign me up!"
  A sneaky way to get on the radar of people and get them to pay attention to you
  2 things to focus on when creating content (HINT: It has nothing to do with your products or business)
  Plus much, much more!
Here's What Customers Are Saying...
Personally, I wouldn't wait any longer to take these proven, step-by-step strategies to start signing up more customers and recruiting more reps on Instagram...

...especially with the constant changes Facebook goes through and the more restriction they have on who sees your post.

I mean it...
Don't Put All Your Prospecting & Marketing Eggs
Into Just Facebook's Basket
Have you ever heard the saying: "Model those who have the results you desire?"

The same applies here!

These 'Wonder Women of Instagram' have already done all the hard work, made all the mistakes and figured out what works (and what doesn't).

That's why I was VERY selective on who I interviewed to ensure they delivered, simple, easy-to-follow strategies so everyone could duplicate there results, no matter what company they were in.

In the past, these interviews would have only been shared with my Top Earner Club members, but I decided this information was just too good not to share.

For a very limited time, you can get instant access to the Wonder Women of Instagram for just $37!

Yep... $37
This course will show you EXACTLY
what steps to take to make more money!
Literally, you can have a night on the town with dinner and a movie, or you can:
  Build a following of people who engage with your content...
  Avoid time wasting mistakes trying to learn Instagram on your own...
  Get your product and business in front of more of the right people...
  Convert those followers into customers and reps...
The choice is yours...
If you don't care to know ALL the boring stuff about Instagram and JUST want to 
MAKE MORE MONEY, this is THE Course for YOU!
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