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"I'm a seven-figure income earner in the industry. I've achieved significant success already, but I know how important it is to have a mentor and a coach. I'm so impressed with what Ray and Jessica Higdon have to offer.

I joined Top Earner Mastermind as a Diamond. What I liked best about having Ray and Jessica as my mentor and coach is the access to them. They're very available for anything I need — emails, phone calls, coaching calls. After my 1-on-1 VIP day, I feel more focused and empowered to do what I need to do to take my business to the next level and it's great to have experts in your back pocket that you can rely on and have access to.

My team AND income has TRIPLED since I started! If you're sitting on the fence, wondering if you should be a part of this program, I can tell you that my life really started to change when I became an active member in programs like this. It absolutely will change your life."
Kathleen Deggelman
"Wow! Ray Higdon you changed my life. Before coaching with you I had struggled and failed in 9 companies in 7 years. Just 12 months after coaching with you I went completely full time in my business. 

In fact, the very next month I had a 25,000 dollar month (note previous year was 34k). Tears come to my eyes thinking about the impact you've had. Thank you!"
Terry Gremaux
"There are 3 people I have bought every product from that they have ever released and two of those people is Ray & Jessica Higdon Why?

Because they ALWAYS over deliver! Period! When I first saw their personal coaching packages I was EXCITED & SCARED at the same time because I have never spent that kind of money before on coaching but I knew they would over deliver!

I'm so glad I trusted my gut and pulled the trigger because I ran my numbers for 20n and from January to June (before hiring them as a coach) my income was at $83,000 from July to December (after hiring Ray and Jess) I finished the year at $273,000 total income by applying the important tweaks Ray and Jess suggested I do in my business!!!

So I more then doubled my results the second half of the year & earned WAY more then the investment I made in Ray and Jessica's Diamond Coaching package in just my first 6 months working with them! 2014 is even better and I'm on pace to crushing my 2013 numbers! I 100% recommend Ray & Jessica's coaching to anyone looking to really crush it in their businesses!"
Mike Hobbs
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"Gotta give a shout out to my coach and mentor Ray Higdon. In my opinion there’s no one in the biz that gets his clients thinking bigger, faster than Ray. Recently Ray helped me realize that my business partner and I were holding back and leaning towards the safe and easy route on an upcoming launch that we were repeating from last year. Not only did he push us to go bigger, but his input during the process was invaluable. 

After a slow start Ray encouraged a shift in approach and expectation and we went on to double sales in the next 48 hours. The end result….we generated nearly 4x the sales of the previous launch just a year ago, and have big plans moving forward the likes of which wouldn’t even exist without his influence. Ray, I can’t thank you enough my friend. Your mentorship is second to none, so grateful to have you in my life."
Justice Eagan
"I have been group coached and mentored by Ray Higdon since September, 2014 and I have to say my whole life and business has changed for the better. I have gone from someone who never showed up in my Network Marketing company to recruiting prospects, increasing my rank status and now building a team. In the past, I was afraid to even pick up a phone. Prospecting aside, I have invested in a six months coaching programme with Ray, which followed his Invest, Learn and Teach workshop held in January, 2015. 

I am learning marketing ninja tactics in more depth, improving my blog and getting support and mentoring from someone who I see as the best there is in the Network Marketing Industry… a true professional, a gentleman and someone I now see as a friend."
Lynda Kenny
“Does coaching work? Yes. Good coaches provide a truly important service. They tell you the truth when no one else will.” Jack Welch, Former CEO of General Electric 
"I'm seeing some really exciting things happening in my business. Built a whole new system that my coaches are loving...seeing some great duplication and rank advancements deep into the team.

I Sponsored 5 coaches last week, 4 more approached me yesterday (signed 3 so far), and I've signed a ton of Customers (which is the same cost/price as a coach.. and make really great coach potentials). The new branding is coming together very strongly and boosting our following.

Thanks for the mentoring & all the masterminding from the people in this group! We are light years ahead of where we were and I look forward to sharing more at the Mastermind & Top Earners!"
David & Kate Ingram
"Your teaching on tonality really hit home with me, will be sharing this and the rest of the nuggets with my team. In my 20 years in this profession, no one has helped me more. I have used Tim Sales materials extensively, and lately Eric Worre, but the way you present with such clarity, simplicity, and integrity really gets through to my heart.

Will never be able to thank you enough. Thanks for the price you have paid, and all the pain to reach your present plateau. It will be exciting to watch as you reach new heights.

Appreciate so much your devotion to God and to Jessica. Faith and family are such powerful foundations for life, as you have shared."
Wayne Whalen
Coaching is an investment in your business and yourself; not an expense.  It's been proven over and over again that individuals who invest in coaching dramatically impact their business. Even the most successful people in the world hire mentors and coaches because they know that only through new actions can they create different results.
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