How To Become More Confident, Create More Riches And Reach Your Full Potential
...through changing your vibration towards money and success!
Let me show you how to "Flip the Switch" on thoughts of mediocrity and money so you can transform your personal life and business in ways you've never imagined!
Friend & Fellow Networker,

If you've been sabotaging yourself by having negative thoughts or failure consciousness about money, then you're constantly going to struggle to get it... 

Isn't it time you overcame that and started thinking about how you can impact more people once you have riches?
First, let me ask you some questions...
  Do you sometimes have a hard time actually seeing yourself achieve your goals?
  Are you sick and tired of seeing other people effortlessly create success with less work?
  Would you like to break the programming and mental chains that are keeping you from accomplishing your dreams?
  Are you ready to train your subconscious mind to craft a life of true passion and success?
If You Answered "Yes" To Any Of These Questions,
Then You Need To Change Your Vibration Toward Money Today
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How Does It Work?
Vibrational Money Immersion is a 15 part audio series that's designed to "Flip the Switch" on thoughts of mediocrity and money so you can transform your personal life and business in ways you've never imagined.

Here's just a little taste of what you can expect to discover inside:
  How to turn off self-sabotage and negative thinking
  Transmuting desire for riches into tangible actions for achieving your goals
  How to actively raise your money consciousness
  The self-confidence formula (for cultivating an unshakable will power)
  How to create your own personal focus
  The use & power of a mastermind group
  How to activate and use creative imagination
  The 11 important attributes of successful leadership
  The 10 causes of failure in leadership (and how to defeat them)
  Learning how to pace yourself (to avoid *burn out* and create momentum)
  The 8 causes of persistence
  Creative imagination functions (plus how to use it to accelerate your results)
  The seven major positive emotions
  The seven major negative emotions (and how to avoid them)
  Discovering the hidden intangible forces (that are always ready to aid you)
  Building character through autosuggestion
  The six basic fears
  The importance of self-analysis
  How to protect yourself against negative influences
By the time you’re finished, you’ll have a “Positive Vibration”
towards money and success that converting prospects
into customers and teammates will feel virtually effortless…
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For One-Easy Payment Of
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Here's What Some Participants Had To Say
“I went from making $12k/yr to $80k/year after listening to VMI. And now, I’m making even more. My self-worth has finally surpassed my income and I’m ready to get to work!”
Laura Kuhn
"VMI was the very first program I bought from Ray Higdon and before I bought it I was stuck at 5K a month income. Upon going through VMI and applying the concepts to my network marketing business, it helped me get ‘unstuck’ and doubled my income in just a few months! Since then I’ve gone on to buy every course, book, or product Ray has released and even hired him as a coach, which took my business to over 350K per year income and growing. I love everything Ray puts out on the market!"
Mike Hobbs
"I bought VMI at the beginning of the year as I was getting some results in my business, but I felt that there was something missing that was holding me back. I couldn’t put my finger on it but I knew what to do to market my business, but others seem to be getting better results than me. I was frustrated but I knew that I needed to look a bit further than the latest marketing strategy. What I loved about the VMI course was that it was done in “bitesize” instalments of approximately 30 minutes – which meant I could download it to my phone and listen whilst out walking the dog – so it was a course that I actually finished. I listened to the concepts that were shared and the tasks that Ray suggests and started to apply them to my business. Within 6 months my business shifted from $200 months to having my first $5,000 week and a few months later my first $10,000 month. I still listen to the audios even now and can wholeheartedly recommend them."
Nicky Price
"Vibration, Manifestation, Attraction, Prosperity, Consciousness…Is that all WOO WOO? Does it have a place in your business? If anyone can show you living proof that it does, it’s Ray Higdon. He absolutely knows how to teach others to make money."
Diane Hochman
Still Wondering If This Experience Is For You?
This Checklist Should Help...
  Vibrational Money Immersion is for you if you have a hard time closing because deep down you’re afraid to ask your prospects for money.
  Vibrational Money Immersion is for you if you know your product or service is great, but it just isn’t selling as well as you’d like.
  Vibrational Money Immersion is for you if you’re sick and tired of getting “money” objections from your prospects.
  Vibrational Money Immersion is for you if you want your new teammates to have a rock solid mindset right off the bat. 
  Vibrational Money Immersion is for you if things are going great and you’d just like a few tweaks on your view of how to attract more income!
  Vibrational Money Immersion is NOT for you if your product or service doesn’t deliver value above and beyond what customers are paying for.
  Vibrational Money Immersion is NOT for you if you are looking for a manipulative sales approach.
  Vibrational Money immersion is NOT for you if your goal is to simply “get rich quick.”
Ray Higdon is the founder and CEO of The Higdon Group. After joining and failing in over a dozen network marketing companies, he went on to become a top earner and leader in the network marketing space. 

The Higdon Group was recognized by Inc. 5000 as one of America’s fastest growing companies and a lot of that success aligns with how Ray and The Higdon Group view the exchanging of money for value.
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