Video #1: The FOUR Questions
Video #2: #1 Toughest Question
Video #3: {Daily} Habits
Video #4: Special Invitation
The Four Questions
To Ask Someone On Social Media To Get Them CLOSER
To Saying "YES!" And Signing Up With You...
In Today's Video:

Who Has Benefited?

[1:34] How this training helped Terry Gremaux go from $35k per year to having $10k DAYS…

The Low-Hanging Fruit

[3:31] How to start a conversation {about your opportunity} with someone already on your “friends list…”

The Story...

[2:29] The story of how Jessica went from earning ZERO dollars to making over $10k per month in just 18 months…

The FOUR Questions

[5:03] The 4 questions to ask your new “potential prospect” to see if they’re recruitable and open to signing up with you today…
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