Video #1: The FOUR Questions
Video #2: #1 Toughest Question
Video #3: {Daily} Habits
Video #4: Special Invitation
#1 Toughest Question
And How To Answer It (without feeling scammy or nervous)
In Today's Video:

The Tough Question...

[0:23] The #1 toughest question to answer in Network Marketing (and how this video will help you answer it)...

Belief = Money

[3:15] How to cultivate a DEEPER belief in what you’re sharing with your prospects so you can sell with easy and speed...

A Little Reminder

[1:31] Recap on the four questions you can ask prospects to see if they’re interested in your opportunity...

Be Real & You'll Prosper

[5:07] Why you simply do NOT have to lie about your opportunity being network marketing - transparency trumps all...
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